for my wedding officiant services just happened. YAY! She was asking what I would charge, she is having the wedding in 2 weeks at her house about 45 mins. From me. I quoted $175, then asked if they were going to write their own vows, nope, just want a standard ceremony. She was just getting prices, would call me back. I said I'd love to officiate her wedding. I decided to call her back and offer $150, she was happy to hear that, would discuss it with her fiancee. She just spoke to him, they might just do it at the courthouse where it is cheaper. Fair enough! Just great to know people are seeing my website now, business will pick up this year, I just KNOW it!

You know how you spot things in movies that just aren't right? Like it's a western taking place in the 1800s but there is a pair of sunglasses on the bar? I am reading a Women's Murder Club book and it says one of the characters ordered an Aussie rootbeer. WRONG! I am a rootbeer fan and they never had rootbeer in Australia, closest I could find was a sarsparilla. I was there two years ago and they didn't have it then, so that's definitely wrong. I guess Yanks know Aussie's make Fosters beer, which is actually made in Canada for the north American market, so they assume Aussie's make rootbeer.

Have you made any observations like that?