Well, not really, but I did visit my tax professional today. ;-) I thought I was just going to give her all my documents and hear from her later, but no, she did it on the spot. I appreciated that. I had to cash in some retirement funds last year to live on which was not taxed up front so I had to put 20% ($4K) aside for taxes. I did have her do an estimation of my tax liability last year last November, she told me to send $2.5K to the IRS up front to cover it. She was almost spot on, the IRS actually owes me $144! BUT Arizona state taxes, I owe $384, so if I take off the $144 I am getting back from IRS I only owe AZ $240. Starr's normal charge is $295, she gave me a discount as I am struggling financially, only charged me $180, I was very grateful for that.

I've got another guest coming tomorrow night for 3 nights, a chiropractor/acupuncturist coming for a day of training on Saturday, and he wants to hike Friday. He is coming from San Diego, same at the first guest I had. We are trading one night's accommodation for an acupuncture session for me. He pays for 2 nights instead of 3 and I get a 'free' session, fair deal! So, tomorrow afternoon I will be cleaning. He wants kitchen privileges to cook his own dinner, I don't mind. I read his reviews and others say he is a very clean and respectful guest. He has guests in his own home in San Diego too.

This afternoon I dropped off my latest bulk mailing and picked up the check for that, went to do my taxes and then hit Neighborhood Walmart and TJ's on the way home. I don't really like the giant Walmart closer to home that has everything, but I discovered they have my fav flavored water in smaller bottles really cheap, so I will have to go and get those there every couple of weeks. Those are the stores that have all the weirdos, I saw quite a few last time I went. The grocery stores only don't have as many weirdos. ;-)

We are still in the mid to high 70s, though we will have a touch of rain on Saturday and dip down to 65F. I won't care as I will be in the office. Then back up to fab weather.

Here's a weird cloud photo. What are these?

I love this pic of the 3 cats. Kokee and Ketley facing off and Kaiya looks so teeny!

Look how Ketley on the right on her back is touching Kokee and Kaiya.

and lastly, Kaiya sees you!