do as the Romans do.

I lived in Australia for 30 years, people ask what it is like, I say 'different', meaning not better or worse than here.

Last time I saw my Aussie best friend, was in NYC. She said 'Americans don't know how to make...' whatever style of coffee she wanted. I said 'Perhaps the Americans make it correctly but the Aussies changed it to suit their tastes.'

Another time while in the U.S. She said if the U.S. Just changed this and this and this (to the Aussie way) it would be perfect.

These are 'no win' conversations.

I like going to different countries to enjoy the different ways they make/do things. I know there are towns in Spain that are so British you might as well of just have moved the sun/warmth to England.

To each their own but I personally think they are missing out on the joys of difference.