I am talking about mental and physical pain and symptom healing.

I know most of us have some sort of physical pain, most likely we have some mental pain also. I choose to deal with mine with natural therapies and with being on such a low income I am working on some stuff myself.

Recently I discovered oxygen therapy. I was looking on Amazon for 3% grade Hydrogen Peroxide that you can get in the grocery store, to use as a mouthwash, mix it with baking soda to make toothpaste, I also clean my toilet with it, and I came across a book 'The One Minute Cure - The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases'. I bought the book and it is powerful and impressive and the 39% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide you need to do the Oxygen therapy is available on Amazon. It is a chemical, if you spill it on your skin it can burn you, you have to sign for the delivery. 2 x 16oz. bottles were under $30. At the lowest starting dose, 3 drops in 6-8 ozs. of water 3 times a day, and the maintenance dose, it costs about 1.2 cents a day, the maximum dose of 25 drops in 6-8 ozs. of water 3 times a day is 12 cents a day. Everybody can afford it and it cannot harm you.

I started the therapy 12 days ago and am on 15 drops in water 3 times a day. When I get to the 25 drops 3 x a day I shall stay on that for 3 weeks and then start reducing it until I get to the maintenance. I have some symptoms, like patches of dermatitis, a fungal infection and the biggie, periodontal disease that a periodontist wanted $18,000 to 'mend' and remove a tooth and replace it and put a crown on another, that I can test it with.


is the link to the book on Amazon. Read some of the comments, believe or not, get the book or not. I just have to tell you about this as it makes sense to me! It talks of removing cancers and HIV and healing asthma and COPD and a whole bunch of other ailments including Alzheimers.

I also have to tell you about The Tapping World Summit.


I have told you about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), tapping on the Meridians. This modality has now been taken on by the Veterans Administrative to work on PTSD with. The video 'Operation: Emotional Freedom' is amazing, you cry in the beginning to see what mental pain these people are in and then you cry later in joy for the amazing results they have experienced.

This can be used on mental and physical pain. The one I listened to tonight was about healing your body, they talked about digestive issues and how they can be resolved with EFT. I've heard of people correcting their eyesight, of being told they could never do yoga again after a back injury but can. You have heard of your body healing itself, this helps move it along by tapping on the pain and symptoms and the emotional issues that can contribute to them.

Again, believe it or not, I choose to believe, I refuse to take pharmaceuticals and feed that industry and Congress and doctors wallets, especially as I was told today of an acquaintance dying of stage 4 lung and pancreatic cancer and she was only being treated for shingles!

I don't expect any comments, never do, but this is a personal choice but I just had to share it with you.