Tis so easy to spend time with Bernadette, I wish she lived here in Tucson, but she is headed back to Toronto on March 6th perhaps never to return. She has been wintering down here for a lotta years and she has been there done that as far as Tucson is concerned. Maybe I will meet up with here somewhere in between someday.

Wednesday she came to my place, lots of people don't like to drive at night here, she doesn't mind. There aren't many street lights because of the National Observatory, tis quite eerie driving at night, especially if you are going somewhere new. I always have to share my desert/mountain view with new folks I meet. We chatted for a while here after 'the tour' then toddled over to 'The Melting Pot' just down the road.

They open at 4:30 and we were there at 4:31, the first folks there. The place is dark, no windows, it is all booths with a single light hanging down low on the table, just how I like it. I had that in my last dining room, a light that when turned on casts a glow over the table only, so you feel like you are in a special place.

The whole process at the restaurant was FUN! Our server was a really fun guy who loves his job.

They have an electric ceramic burner (infrared maybe) on each table, but only one so you have to agree on which fondue flavor or technique you are having. The first course, we chose the special which was cheddar cheese with garlic, bacon and some spices.

There were a few different breads to dip, vegies and apples to dip.

Bernadette was having fun!

Our salads were next, there were 4 to choose from, I had Caesar and Bernadette had a fruity/gorgonzola one.

Then came the entree or main course, entree is the appetiser in Canada and Australia, maybe Britain too. We chose the broth to cook the meats in instead of oil. Our server tossed the vegies, potatoes, broccoli and mushrooms. We were to cook our own shrimp, beef and chicken, at least 2 mins. for the chicken and beef and 1.5 for the shrimp. I used the timer on my Smart Phone a couple of times but it was too loud. We could some other alarms going on too and laughed.

There are 5 sauces to choose from to dip in, plum 'n ginger, teriyaki, yogurt 'n curry and two others fruity ones.

I was having fun too, TOTALLY immerse in our own lil world.

We didn't think we would get through the entree and have room for dessert but we managed. We chose the Flaming Turtle dessert fondue. I had to take a photo of the menu listing as one of Bernadette's grand daughters is all about turtles, she has all the stuffed ones you can imagine including one so big it almost covers her whole bed.

Here is the flamin' turtle!

This was a beauty! The fondue and Bernadette... ;-)

and look at all the goodies you get to dip in it!

Cakes, rice krispie cookies, marshmallows, strawberries and bananas. We just ate the cheesecake without dipping it. We also used up the left over apples.

We were there for 2.5 hours! The time just flew by. Twas an excellent experience, quite pricey, we chose the least expensive 'package' for $29.95. They have a large selection of wines, cocktails and beers too, so it could be an even more expensive night, I stuck with water.