a looooooooooooong day!

I'm at the NW Office of the realtor where I work on the weekend. They have me standing in for the receptionist who is at another branch today. Domino effect I guess. The floor person hasn't turned up here either, guess it is rife in all offices, no admin support. Just as well I brought my lunch, don't need to go out. I think it is going to be very quiet. I'm glad I can see the sky here, there are no windows out in the back office.

There is an old gal here who is the manager of the Green Valley office which is 1.5 hours away, standing in for the absent manager, Jim at the office sometimes stands in here. Jim is moving on to another branch and they are going to get a couple new managers. I am able to log in but don't have access to a lot of the software I need but then again I might not be able to work on stuff for this branch, there are different access levels.

So I have accessed the Tapping World Summit webpage and am listening to Dr Wayne Dyer being interviewed by Nick Ortner the founder of the Tapping World Summit. Tapping is EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique created Gary Craig, tapping on the meridians while making some statements. It has worked a lot for me, when I am stressed I just tap on one meridian to settle myself.

I read Jenny's blog, starting with her hair issues. I felt her pain, knew exactly what she was talking about. I have been cursing my hair for at least a couple of weeks. It has taken on a new bent and I can't fight it anymore with goo and spray, I was going to go to my hair stylist and scream 'HELP ME!' In the meantime I have just let it go the way it wants to, flat, stuck to my head in a pixie look. I will go to my stylist and get it to layer it more and cut the bangs (fringe) shorter and get rid of that stress.

I did have a wonderful 4 hours with Bernadette from Toronto yesterday. As with anybody that sees my home she was blown away with my view. She has the full Canadian accent with the Scandanvian O's. What a live wire at 73, if she didn't have the wrinkles you'd think she was 50. We did go to The Melting Pot restaurant, 10 mins. from home. I took some pics that I don't have access to here so I do a blog later on it.

Two more agents have come in, including the floor agent! YAY! I've answered a few calls, some rude people expecting me to know what the other person knows.

I got a rejection letter from MedicAid, oh joy! Because I did not prove my income. I will call and appeal and say What the hell do you WANT? They have a connection to my one permanent job, I sent in a spreadsheet with my accounting from my wedding officiant business. There is nothing else I can give them. I don't know if I can get my tax return done in time to give to them. There are a lot of people in the same boat I am sure, wondering where to turn to by March 31st to get insurance so we aren't fined. Thanks for THAT stress, Obama, that is good for my health, NOT! I won't be going on pharmaceuticals for it either to feed the companies and Congress.

I am listening to a chat on stress now, talking about getting away from what stresses us. I got rid of my biggest stress, the job I used to have, not by choice but it was a blessing. They just talked about a poster with 'How to be a happy lawyer', that has an open door on it and the word in the open space says 'QUIT'. People say 'but I can't!' You can. It will all work out, believe me, I KNOW.