old 'Honey West' shows. Only 30 episodes were made in '65-'66. Honey West is a private detective played by Anne Francis, she died in '11 at the age of 80. Her partner 'Sam Bolt' played by John Ericson, he is still alive at age 87.

Honey has a pet Ocelot, Bruce, and her Aunt Meg is another side kick. The music is groovy, big band for suspense and lots of sexy saxophone. Everybody smokes and guys whistle unabashedly at women. All so politically incorrect it is quite humorous.

The Honey West character was created by Gloria and Forrest E. “Skip” Fickling, who wanted a character that was a cross between Marilyn Monroe and fictional Mike Hammer. It was produced by Aaron Spelling, his first choice for Honey West was Honor Blackman of 'The Avengers' fame. Honey drives an AC Cobra convertible. Apple pie is 23 cents!

The show is a spinoff of 'Burkes Law' starring Gene Barry (I'll have to look up that show) and of course is in B&W. Quite fun to watch.

Sitting on the patio today I captured a few things. This warm winter has really fooled some plants here. The ocotillo is ready to blossom, this usually happens in April.

This yellow blossomed bush is over the wall from my patio, in the space where the patio could be extended. It died of thirst last year but came back again hugely, tis a good 7'x7' again.

I spotted this large bird at the feeder, not the usual finch that hangs off it, it tried several times to get some seed but soon gave up.

This prairie dog stood there for several minutes, not moving at all, on high alert!

Three coyotes came by in a bunch, just captured these two:

One went away, but this one stayed, keeping on eye on me.