Remember that expression? Meaning I'd rather be anywhere but where I am right now.

The realtors office is CRAZY today, everybody is coming in complaining about online systems not doing what they think they should do, having problems printing and needing codes to print color. I am not an IT person and there is NO WAY IN HELL I would ever want to be. They can be abused, I was close to being abused by a couple of people today. If I don't know how to do something I tell them, one did not like that. I must admit I am not willing to get involved in anything outside my job description as I am earning $1.10 above minimum wage. But I am not rude about it, just say I cannot help. Not my problem if they don't like it. Sometimes I refer them to the Help Desk or tell them the roaming IT person will be in the office on so and so date.

My last job in Sydney, there was a gal on the IT Help Desk that should not have been interacting with people. She did not have the personality for it. I needed some help and she was verbally abusing me. So, after a while I gave it back to her. A while later I get a call from her manager saying I made her cry. I told him that I only spoke to her the way she was speaking to me, that she doesn't belong in an IT job where she interacts with people, behind the scenes, fine, she is full of smarts, but doesn't have people skills so shouldn't be solving IT issues face to face with people. I wasn't trying to be mean. You've seen that before haven't you, people that in jobs that are just suited to their personality?

I've experienced some down right nasty people in receptionist jobs. At that same company there were 2 receptionists. At the time I was going by Sue, changed my name when I moved back stateside. One of the receptionists insisted on calling me Susie. I DESPISE that more that Susan or Sue. I asked her several times to stop, but she kept on doing it. I just had to walk past and ignore her completely. BIZARRE!

Some people attract that, I am one of them. Was known as 'Miss Mouse' when I was little, hardly said a word. I was teased mercilessly by my siblings, older and younger than me and by 'friends'. My sister did actually apologize a few years ago for being so mean to me. So I played 'the victim' for a lotta years, was a bit of a drama queen, but I have moved past that too thank goodness, my choice, some hard work. I also avoid conflict whenever possible (i.e. avoid humans). If I am in a bad mood I avoid humans too, not wanting to inflict myself on others.

I've been single for 28 years now, was married for 12 years, he ran off with a younger woman. I wanted a relationship but always chose the wrong guys and finally gave up after the last relationship crashed and burned going on 5 years ago. I've done a lot of work there too, so now I would attract a different type of man if I want to try again. I dunno, I kinda like being on my own, don't feel lonely, never let being single stop me from doing anything. I am happy to dine alone, road trip alone, go to fun parks alone. Tis funny how some people just can't understand that. Like my sister thinks I should be like her (center of attention, life of the party, OTT excitable), I think she has finally got it that I am NOT like her and never will be, she just has to accept me as I am and don't expect things from me that are never going to happen, she'll only disappoint herself.