today. I'd just check the weather (perfect in the mid 80s today - left the windows open at home) and play Solitaire the last few minutes of the working day anyway, so no big deal. It is dead quiet in here. Pam was obviously on her own on Friday, she forgot to lock all the cupboards, left the warming burner on under the coffee pot and I came in to a stinking office, lucky there was no fire. That burnt coffee smell is horrendous. There were a bunch of dirty cups in the sink, I don't wash other people's cups (lazy people), just put a drop of soap in them and let them soak.

I saw an email that Jim, the great manager here is moving on. They have to find someone to replace him. The previous manager, a woman, was atrocious and they had to fire her. They will probably find somebody in between. I don't see the manager much so it doesn't really affect me. I should ask Jim for a raise before he goes... ;-) I have been asked to work at another office Wed/Thurs next week, but I having an early dinner with Bernadette on Wed. so will only work Thursday. It is about 15 mins. from home, 8-5. So only 3 days off this week. It does tick me off when the floor agent that is supposed to be here at 9am calls when I am out the back setting up the coffee and other stuff, then they have the gall to call back and say I didn't answer the phone! I could say 'Well, if you came in on time we wouldn't have this issue!' I am so sick of their excuses, just keep my mouth shut.

The AZ Wildcats lost to the Phoenix team last night, ridiculous. They won't be going far in March Madness tournament. They lost one of their best players to injury and they've fallen asleep. Disappointing...

I had answered an ad on craigslist for a 2 day a week job and got a call yesterday morning asking me to come in for an interview on Monday. I said I could not as it is a Public Holiday and I am working my weekend job that day. She said 'Oh I didn't know it was a holiday, I'll have to call you back.' Never heard back from her. I looked up the company, a roofing company and they are waaaaaaaaaaay over on the other side of town, would be a 50 minute commute each way for $10 an hour, I don't THINK so!

The early dinner with Bernadette on Wednesday is gonna be great.
I'm gonna have the 4 course meal for $29.95 (great value) and take the Entree home and just eat the cheese fondue, salad and dessert at the restaurant. Sounds FAB-u-LOUS!

Sis is definitely coming June 2015 to celebrate my 60th birthday with me. She told me to plan a road trip doing whatever I want to do. I'll have us going through Sedona and then the Painted Desert (staying at La Posada in Winslow) and Canyon de Chelly (worth seeing twice as they will blow my Sis's mind), over to Los Alamos (where she was born) then down to SE New Mexico to see some interesting sites that my friend Kathy has been to.

Nothing much else is happening, just absorbed in Winter Olympics afternoon/evenings with all the windows open enjoying the 80+ temps for a week or so. VERY grateful for that!