Buckeye Prison, SW of Phoenix, from Douglas Prison down Mexico way.

I had emailed the bride asking if the wedding was going ahead on Friday. I was surprised to hear back from her. She replied that her Fiancee' had been moved to Buckeye and the wedding is now scheduled for March 28th and that she still 'needed somebody' to do the ceremony. Once I ascertained where Buckeye is I replied that I was sorry to hear her Valentines Day wedding wasn't going to happen but I could do the March 28th ceremony for $200 (up $25 from last quote) and if her friend's fiancee was still in prison in the Phoenix area and they wanted to get married the same day, around the same time I could do both weddings for $300. She replied that she would pay me $200 to do the ceremony and asked me to send her my credentials so she can get me cleared.

I will forward my credentials today and I also need to do a new contract, so I emailed again asking for their legal names from their marriage license, I never got them for the first contract. He is James Felipe (Spanish last name) and she is Latrina Janese ... OK I had to laugh at Latrina. Sounds like a female latrine doesn't it? No wonder she goes by Trina. May be my sometimes warped sense of humor.

Which reminds me of another story. When I was living in Australia there was this game show with teenaged contestants. The host asked the question 'What is an Ocarina?' One of the female contestants replied 'A female ocker!' Well, the host went in to hysterics, I mean he must have peed his pants! Definition of an ocker is 'an Australian who speaks and acts in an uncultured manner, using a broad Australian accent.' Another definition, an ocarina is a type of flute. Maybe you had to be there but I had jolly good laugh too.

I had a fine time with Jeanie yesterday. Less than 2 hours as she had to rush off to buy a cake and some booze to take to a birthday get together for one of the gals I met at Jeanie's birthday a few weeks ago. They were also going dancing at The Maverick. I wonder if it is boot scootin', why didn't I ask? Sounds like fun! I had picked up some Chinese food for us, been ages since I have had Chinese, from a new restaurant near my weekend job. Jeanie got some spicy chicken dish and I got lemon chicken and garlic green beans. The lemon chicken was disappointing, it tasted ok, but the chicken was bits of breast meat individually battered. I've had it many times and it has always been one whole breast piece battered, then it is is sliced and really crispy, looks much nicer. This, I wondered if there was any chicken in amongst the thick batter. The lemon sauce was perfect, not too sweet or tart. The beans were excellent! I shall have those again. The interior of the restaurant looks very nice. I shall take Denise and Rob there for dinner.

I guess all the good weather is here. I've got the windows open and it is GORGEOUS! I am sorry so many of you are having seriously crappy weather, I hope nobody has any injury or damage in those areas.

Watching Shaun White not being able to get his 3rd Olympic medal for the half pipe snowboarding was good last night. As in a Russian snowboarder who boards for Switzerland won the gold and Shaun is great friends with him and them hugging and goofing around was great to see. Then a reporter had to stick the mic in Shaun's face and ask 'How does it feel not to get your 3rd gold medal?' How do you THINK it feels ya dumb broad? He graciously said 'It just wasn't my day...' I want EVERYBODY to win at the Olympics, I do enjoy watching it, I couldn't tell you who won what in the end but it is such a great atmosphere.

I'm gonna read a while longer, in bed of course, a good Harlen Coben book. Then toddle off to Walmart for a few things and then drop off the bulk mailing and get my check for $52, twas a small one, 250 pieces. Then home to watch Olympics and get stuff to Trina. Hopefully she will actually pay the deposit this time, but I won't hold my breath...