on craigslist.com. Most recently in the part time jobs section where I look. These days I don't send my resume, I reply asking if it is a legitimate job, most times they don't answer.

The last two I did that to did reply but their replies went to SPAM, that says something right there. They both used the word 'mails' instead of 'mail', when referring to picking up and sending mail. One said the job pays $900 a week, that salary is way to high for Tucson, any job advertising over $15 an hour ($600 a week) for an administrative assistant is a scam. One used a Tech Companies name in the subject yet the reply says he is Adams Knox an interior designer/decorator and the first week he will pay $300 for the 'chosen one' to receive his 'mails' and forward them to him wherever he wants. All VERY fishy! I had fun replying to one, pointing out how they have to perfect their scamming if they want to get away with it.

My friend Kathy related a story in one of her emails about her and Melvin's adventures on the road in their 5th Wheel. They were parked in a Walmart parking lot, I guess they slept there overnight as Melvin got up and went out to get the truck started to charge the household batteries. He slipped and fell on inch thick ice and landed on his forehead splitting it open. Kathy heard the thump and stuck her head out the door, she was buck naked having been in bed. She had to hurriedly dress and tend to him. He was bleeding copiously and had wrenched his neck. One to add to the weird happenings at a Walmart near you!

My windows will be open all afternoons this week, today will be 75F/23C rising to a record high of 85F/28C on Saturday (dang I will be in the office). I LOVE TUCSON!

Here is a link to a local artist's website. I shall have to take visitors to her gallery as she does work with so much local subject. Such beautiful color she has put in to our desert setting.

P.S. I found a solution to one of my Ipernity issues, to paste in to an email I hit the SOURCE button and it has the option to paste when I right mouse click.