as I forgot to lock my bedroom door last night.

Au contraire! My new guests Linda and Rick from Minnesota are a delightful couple. So much so we spent the evening together watching The Winter Olympics opening ceremony and yakking away.

His brother is a snowbird, comes down to Phoenix every year. Rick was caring for their 101 year old mother who finally passed away last June, so they were able to escape for the winter and he wants to do it every year but might have a hard time convincing Linda. He is retired college professor, she is a substitute art teacher and creates ceramic pieces.

I left them watching Olympics, reading/writing emails and with the words 'Tohono Chul' written on a Post It. Tohono Chul is a delightful Botanical Garden, Bistro, Art Gallery, Gift Shop and demonstration room space that used to be my backyard until I moved where I am now. They are going to have brunch there and then head on out to Saguaro East National Park where they are signed up for some activities.

They will be heading out there early a.m. tomorrow too for bird watching activities and then come back to my place to get ready to head back to Phoenix. They will slide the key under the gate.

If all my guests are as good as them I will be very happy. I took the TV out of the room, quite a feat as it is an old heavy clunker, so they could put their bags on that table. I should get that TV going, once I get another couple of bookings I shall call Comcast and get it done, it won't be free I am sure. I will also get a luggage table. Denise & Robert will need that, they always bring 2 gigantic suitcases, one empty to fill up.

The guy that canceled on me as his son was injured ending up getting a full refund, don't know how that happened exactly, we agreed on one night cancellation fee. He was grateful and thanked me for my concern and consideration so I let it go as I ended up with 3 nights of guests anyway.

Who has seen Aurora Borealis? I gotta see that someday... Looks like I need to get up to Canada.