for my new guests, Rick and his wife, Linda, retirees from Minneapolis, Minnesota, coming down to the Tucson for the weekend from wherever they are snowbirding. They arrive Friday afternoon/evening and leave Sunday.

Looks pretty warm 'n cozy. I much prefer the old bulbs, a much warmer glow, rather than the so called 'natural' light bulbs which has cooler ambience. I'm going to paint the room a warmer color, perhaps a creamed honey or caramel color.

I spent 2.5 hours getting the room ready this afternoon, still have to put up some art, ran out of hooks. I'll go shopping for coffee/tea, hooks and get a spare key cut tomorrow. Gotta scrub down the bathroom tomorrow too and keep both doors closed to keep them clean and fur free for my guests. has a great system. I have a calendar that all can see, so I blocked off May 3rd to 20th so folks looking for a room know that mine is not available during that time. I put bedroom photo on the website as well as photos of my living space in its new arrangement.

Need to vaccum and dust all this space, probably do it Friday.

I moved the kitty litter in to the laundry room which means I have to leave the door ajar for the cats to go in and out and unfortunately it opens right next to where I sit the most so the cold air coming in from the permanently open vent to outside is coming in and chilling me. I have pushed an old printer box in front of it, but it needs to be sealed off but it is too difficult to get to on a ladder.

Jeanie is coming over next Tuesday, we are going to gobble Chinese food while watch some Super Soul Sunday, where Oprah Winfrey has conversations with various spiritual leaders.

Still don't know if I am doing the wedding down in Douglas Prison on Valentines Day. How rude! Once again, Wendy has referred me to a bride and I have not heard from them. Kinda frustrating, I've missed out on like a half dozen weddings but there is nothing I can do about it...