near the end of the day, I went out in to the back office to see if anybody was there and to start shutting it down, i.e. turning off the coffee warmer, tossing the coffee grinds and rinsing the pot, checking the copier/printer for paper, turning off the lights etc.

There was one realtor there, Sue, she came around to the copier to do something and she had a teeny dog with her, with a pink and green leash and harness attached. This was Boo, and she was scared. She had to bark at me to let me know she was big, but inside was really, REALLY frightened. Sue and another gal in the office, Troi, found Boo in the parking lot a few months ago, seemingly abandoned. They couldn't catch her but Troi finally had the brilliant idea to open the car door and say "Let's go home!" and Boo jumped in.

Sue ended up keeping her, I didn't think about asking if they had tried to find Boo's owner until now. It doesn't really matter I guess. Boo now has a very loving owner in Sue who is very patient with her. Boo had tried to bite Troi when she was trying to catch her. When Boo went home with Sue, Sue told her husband to not try and pet her as he would be bitten. Of course he had to be the man and prove her wrong! Ha! He tried to pet her and got bitten.

In the 10 mins. or so I was talking with Sue about Boo, I was kinda cooing to Boo (me, not a dog person), moving closer and then further away, showing her I was no harm to her. She came to me finally and sniffed my shoes, I didn't try to pet her. ;-)

So, I have heard how some people think dogs have more emotions than cats do, that when they get beaten they cower, you can see fear in their eyes. I have to say I think cats have just as many emotions. I have seen fear and sadness in cats eyes. I have had mine come to me when I was sad. I have had cats that were scared and only trusted me. One of my previous cats, Cho Cho, hated my sister's voice, she was terrified of it and stayed behind my bed for however long my sister was there, could have been a whole weekend. As soon as she was gone Cho Cho would come out. My sister is very excitable and the tone of her voice scared Cho Cho.

Just made me appreciate my cats more when I got home and how much they trust me and will come to me looking for attention and how honored I am to have that as Kokee hides when strangers come. Ketley takes a while to come out and investigate. But it is Kaiya who is fearless, will come and see who has invaded her territory, she is queen of this castle. She will let people pet her.

BUT she would never allow anybody to pick her up. Yet, I can pick her up and hold her under one arm and she won't struggle, well not for a few minutes anyway. Ketley hates to be picked up to, yet I can hold her the same way, tucked in my left arm and she will stay a few minutes. Kokee, I used to be able to pick him up and carry him around, but because of his fear of ceiling fans that he developed since moving to AZ, I will pick him up and he will spy a fan and leap out of my arms at all costs to get away from it. I have to work on that one.

I do love my cats and enjoy their presence immensely.