they had to cancel their reservation. Their son is on border patrol and was seriously injured at work. They were going to visit him in hospital after back surgery but he is going home (I wonder if it is down at Douglas where there are drug wars) so they are going to stay with him to get him to appointments and such. Seems I was to get $180 out of the due $300, that seems excessive to lose, so I am refunding all but one night stay and the airbnb $4 fee, he is happy with that. I'm glad as I did buy a memory foam pad and hangers, so I am not out of pocket. They hope to stay another time...

This afternoon's floor agent didn't show up. I couldn't be bothered calling him as he will come up with all the excuses under the sun, blah, blah blah... Then he says 'Don't tell anybody I didn't turn up.' Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday, it will be DEAD in here I am sure. Oh, he just turned up pretending he came in to pick up the schedule, didn't know he was on, just got in to town last night... They email the schedule to everybody, whatever!

I did have the Burnt Ends, they were delicious! The sweet sauce was fabulous. I did not know that they came with onion rings, so I had a LOT of them with my separate order of them. The sauce that comes with the rings was great too. The corn bread muffins were good, the green beans, shriveled from microwaving, not impressed. 2 meals out of that, had to wait 20 mins. for the food, glad I didn't tip anybody. That appetizer of burnt ends with onion rings would be a good sized meal if I go there again. Maybe get a side salad and muffin, would be well under $20.

I slept long and hard last night and woke up in a bad mood, so not fair! I just wanna get outta here and go home and snuggle up with the 'kids' and watch the Wildcats win again... We are back to much cooler winter weather, between 56F/12C and 66F/17C for the next 10 days, down to freezing. Still not bad for winter. A few showers in there which are sorely needed.