I gotta get me some... tomorrow. I saw them on TV, Famous Dave's BBQ has them and now they are pouring melted cheese (probably Velveeta or some other crappy cheese that they put in boxed macaroni and cheese UGH) which I shall not partake in.

They sure look delicious! I am not one for beef these days, unless it is a small, 6oz medium well fat free good quality steak. But the sound of these:
The Pitmaster's secret. Tender pieces of Texas Beef Brisket seared and caramelized with weet & Zesty BBQ sauce.
Seems oh so GOOD!
Some onion rings and green beans and corn bread muffin (or two), if I can get them to throw them in for free. That'll be 2 meals.

I have been really enjoying this week of doing nothing ness. I'm doing tons of reading including about the healing properties of 35% hydrogen peroxide, curing anything from acne, candidasis, respiratory issues to cancer and AIDS, clearing your mind and losing weight. I've ordered the book 'The One Minute Cure' and I may try it. If I don't like how it makes me feel it is an excellent mouth and household cleaning agent.

Just been out to TJs and Walmart for a few things, otherwise laying low. Knee was pretty bad for a couple of days with nasty nerve pain, got better and it's gone backwards again. At least I can still walk.

I'm just waiting for the sun to move off the back patio so I can go out to sit in the 76F/23C weather. I want to read off my Touch Pad and can't do so in the direct sun light. I've got a new book '50 Mindful Steps to Self-Esteem - Everyday Practices for Cultivating Self-Acceptance Self-Compassion'. Lots of good meditations that I downloaded and then recorded on to my SmartPhone to listen to whenever I need to gather myself. I would like to have the love of life before I die, but just can't imagine it just yet, need to be more comfortable in my own baggy, bumpy body.

Been freaking out a lil over finances. All of my retirement funds aren't gonna last long. The Aussie $ is going backwards, so my funds there are worth less and less. I want to master mindfulness so I am not driven by past experiences nor worrying about the future. Just being and LOVING life!

As you know Rob asked me to help with some of the trip planning. I suggested some shows at The Musical Instrument Museum on the 6th and 7th, which would mean Moab UT before the weekend and the crowds. I also volunteered to help drive, I know he didn't like all the driving he did on their Canada trip 2 years ago. I gave him the websites of the 2 least expenses places to rent a SUV and the accommodation to check out. He comes back saying he's put in the request for a SUV, one driver, and the accommodation from Friday night. I started to get upset, I've always wanted to drive a SUV but haven't had the chance yet, but then thought 'This is gonna be a great lil vacation/escape for me which I sorely need, with my bestest friend what does it matter who drives and when it is. Letting go of the wheel and enjoying the ride!

Time to head outside, will chew on a giant Honey Crisp Apple and my fav Jarlsberg cheese with a Propel Dark Cherry water while I read. Hopefully I shall capture some wildlife.