from State of Arizona Dept. of Economic Security. One was for tax purposes stating the unemployment insurance I got for a few months.

One was AZ Medicaid rejecting me because I applied BEFORE 1/1/14 when the rules changed. When I applied only parents with children under 18 or folks over 65 or blind or disabled were eligible. BUT because the rules changed on 1/1/14 they are going to reconsider me IF, according to the 2 other letters, one asking for Proof of Identity and the other asking for Proof of Identity and proof of my self employment earnings last year, documents are received in the next week.

Alrighty then, as they can't tell by my social security number that I provided that I am indeed a citizen and I was born here, I shall copy my U.S. passport and send a copy of the spreadsheet I have made for tax purposes. I made a whole $510.19 less $379.35 in expenses. Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it!

Unfortunately my knee is getting worse, I cannot straighten my leg without quite a lot of pain, I have constant nerve pain down to my foot and extra numbness. Because of the crap above I won't be able to get it seen to for another month or so it seems IF they don't reject me again...

I did pick up the bulk mailing from the realtor during my lunch break which I don't normally take. It's a big one, 500 or so newsletters to stuff and seal. I had to stamp the Postage Page info on most of the envelopes. The stamp was leaking and I managed to leave a lot of splodges on about 20 of the envelopes with labels on them and in the clean up got ink on my fleece jacket and all over my hands which are still ink stained after several washes and a shower. I did that while watching "Despicable Me II", saw "Despicable Me" last weekend. Such clever 'cartoons', the music and some of the inferences are for adults. I was surprised to see some of the minions dressed up like the Village People and singing 'YMCA'. But alas of course Gru had to marry a female and live happily ever after with the 3 girls he had adopted for nefarious purposes before he turned all mushy. I'll be stuffing envelopes while watching Arizona Wildcats winning another basketball game, they are the national favs to win the National Championship in March Madness. Woo Hooooooooo!!!

I have rearranged the living room, shall post a pic when I get home. Tis very cozy. The cats eyesight must be good, none of them have run in to anything. They have to new places to fling themselves from and on to. Lucky them!

I am advertising my guest bedroom on airbnb for up to 5 nights per stay, $60 a night. They charge the guests $22 for 2 nights which give me $1M liability insurance and free advertising. Lets see if I get any bites. There are about 60 rooms for rent in Tucson. I have got to get the room painted and the TV hooked up. The latter will happen if I get a booking. It won't if I don't. I get the details of the prospective guests and I will call to 'interview' them. House Rules are they have to arrive and depart quietly and be kind to my cats. I will provide Tea/Coffee and pastries, answer questions and have a chat if we get along great. Yes, I will be careful, Max. ;-)

I am now free from 5/4-5/16, the gals have stepped up to cover me so I can do a great road trip with Denise & Rob. Looks like we will be coming back via Santa Fe NM and 4 corners. I'll get a cat sitter in every 3rd day to take care of the cats, won't bother Christine (neighbor) with it, it is kind of her to offer, but I know she works long, late hours now.

Back to work, tis very quiet here and the floor agent hasn't turned up, surprise!