yesterday, 72F (21C) but Real Fee of 77F(23C). I got up early, 11am, to get some gas, pop in to La Bella to find a denim jacket and get the car washed before heading down south to see where Toronto gal (I thought she lives in Montreal), Bernadette, hangs a few months every winter.

Gas is $3.18 a gallon, pretty high, but gotta pay it, I filled up the car for $35. La Bella, the gal that owns it is a delight, she remembered me as the lady who marries people. I found 2 denim jackets, a heavier longer one for winter and a beautifully embellished lighter, shorter one for the warmer days and a beautiful blouse. $75 for the 3 items, it is a consignment shop full of good quality clothes, shoes and bags. The car wash place has been taken over by another company, it was time for my free wash (10th wash free) but they wouldn't honor it as it was with the old owner. Every person I talked to put on the 'hard sell'. The basic price of a vacuum/wash is still $7.99, I give them a $2 tip. She wanted me to inspect it to see if I was happy with it, I didn't have time. I thought I was going to be late getting to Bernadette.

But I arrived right on 1pm. She stays in a bustling retirement community not far from the Wellness Center over by the airport, a straight shot drive would be 35 mins. from my home to hers. Not bad. They had a market morning and things were being loaded up to go. She had waited for me at the entrance to guide me to the trailer she has rented for a couple of months. Twas quite nice, a single wide, must be 30' long on the right side that has a living room/dining room and kitchen, then bathroom (with a tub) and bedroom. They have built on an annex that has a huge living room and another bedroom. There is a big covered patio at the front also. Decor is 80s but nice enough, the owner put down a really nice new darker laminate floor in the trailer but has carpet in the other half. Bernadette pays $1640 a month, most go for $2,000 a month. Sounds expensive to me.

The community also has spaces for RVs/5th wheels and further over proper homes. All are VERY close together. There are hundreds of them. Quite a bustling village in itself. Folks riding bikes or trikes or in golf carts. We walked around the village, mini stores, laundry rooms, pools (indoor and out), tennis courts, pickle ball, shuffleboard, and lots of rooms for different interests like card playing, wood working, jewelry making. Quite impressive! This will probably Bernadette's last trip down, she has a new beau in Toronto and they are getting serious, most of her friends in the village are dying or going in to hospice, she is 73, I had no idea, I thought she was 10 years younger, her new beau is 64. She has been staying in that village for 7 years, a different place each time.

She drove us over to Mimi's restaurant. Quite pleasant, a lil different to the typical American fare, a lil French influence with quiche and croissants on the menu. We both had a wonderful salad with a variety of greens, cranberries, walnuts, blue cheese crumbles and dressing, also had chicken in mine. We had bread and butter pudding with whisky sauce, delicious! $20 including tip, my kind of place. I was with her for 3 hours. She is going to come to me next month, she can see my glorious home and we will go to the fondue restaurant in the Foothills Mall.

Unfortunately getting up from the booth at the restaurant, something shifted in my right knee and it is not good. It is now pinching my nerve worse so my lower leg and foot are even more numb and that tendon at the back right feels like it has seized up. Not easy to walk. It happened once before but went over night, not this time. I don't know if cycling is a good idea. I need to get to the stores for food today. I checked my Medicaid application and it is still PENDING so there is no way I can go to a specialist to get it checked out, would cost $100s if not $1000s. Also my left shoulder is paining me, oh joy!

During my daily dose of 'Bones' I got an email from Rob asking if I would like to help organize our 2 weeks of fun in May. You betcha! He wants quotes on a SUV for 2 weeks and Bed & Breakfasts in Moab, UT for 2-3 nights and a place to stay in Phoenix so they can hit the outlet malls and a show for the evening. I was on it! I love planning stuff like this. He does too and has plenty of time, how kind of him to ask.

There are a half dozen B&Bs, a few with 2 room suites we could share BUT I found some houses/townhomes/apartments with spectacular views for a lil more. Like this one: Only just over $100 each a night. Or this one for less:

A Jeep Cherokee 6 cylinder/3L is around $1,000 for 2 weeks, not bad. Found this place in Phoenix, would be a lot of fun for 2 nights.
Bela Fleck and Amy Washburn are playing at the Musical Instruments Museum, they play banjos and have wonderful harmonies. I am going to allow myself $1,000 to spend on the 2 weeks they are here, we are going to have a WONDERFUL time! I know I deserve it.

The bride for Valentines Day wedding in the prison emailed asking if I had heard from the pastor, nope! Bernadette read there has been a lot of unrest at the Mexican border down that way. I'm not minding if I don't get this wedding...

The Gila Woodpecker has been rat a tatting on the satellite dish every day for a couple of weeks now. The joys of the desert. I have not seen any wildlife recently though, besides birds. The coyotes are at it even in the middle of the day now. We are cooling down to the 60s for a couple of days then back in the 70s. YAY!!!

Life is SERIOUSLY good! I'm not getting out of bed til noon today. ;-)