It's been a year now since I was told to move back to Virginia to work in the office or give up my job. Hard to believe huh? As most of you know I decided to give up the job as I would have been miserable in VA. There were a few months of sheer terror including 2 months of working my ass off, doing extra hours trying to get my work done, document it all and then teach my replacement before my last day in March.

But some of my reading from the year before sunk in and I got an attitude of gratitude, know that I have everything that I need, that I always land on my feet. I got a weekend job in the realtor office, the per diem job with the Wellness Center, dabbled in Send Out Cards (about to sign up another 1 or 2 realtors), got a bulk mailing gig I can do at home 1 to 2 times a month and I launched my wedding officiancy business. You know which one of those I like the best.

Yesterday I was in the realtor office as it was a non-major public holiday and it was INSANE! At one time 3 calls came in at once, I got the floor person to take one of the calls and the other had to go to voicemail. I was stuck on the phone with one of the bitchier realtors who needed me to do something that would take 3 minutes, yeah, right, she had me on the phone for 18 mins. It included printing some docs and faxing them to a client. The fax did not go through, I called her back and asked to confirm the number and she told me to forget about it quite rudely. She later came in to the office and apologized, which was very big of her, I appreciated that. I did get quite stressed out a couple of times being pulled in different directions, unsure if I was doing the right thing. Exactly what I wanted to leave behind, especially for the crappy pay.

I'm trying to leave the past behind, learning to forgive others my own sake, and not worry about the future, live in the moment. My newest friend, Jeanie, is like minded. We will be meeting at the Buddametta Center for a meditation evening on Tuesdays starting next month. We get together once a month for a meal out, I am switching it out a bit next month, I will order some Chinese food and pick it up for us to enjoy here at my home and watch some Super Soul Sunday shows I have recorded. Oprah Winfrey talks with a bunch of different folks on all things spiritual, quite fascinating and educational on a topic we both enjoy.

I have the urge to move the furniture around in the living space again. I move the TV first and then the rest. This time it will be diagonal over by the windows, won't block my fab view though, will better TV viewing for when D&R are here. We can all sit on a different piece, sofa/chaise, and see it. I do have 3 cable outlets to choose from, have to make sure the other 2 work first of course, I realized I can do that by connecting the wireless internet. Not using the splitter for internet and tv connection will make the internet work better also.

So wonderful to have a peaceful day today, finished a book sitting out on the patio in the sun listening to the birds chirp. Working for a realtor I can look and see what properties we have listed and the more I look the more I love this place and will somehow get myself in the position to buy it. One of the ideas from Napoleon Hill's 'Think and Grow Rich' is "I realize the dominating thoughts of my mind will eventually reproduce themselves in outward, physical action and gradually transform themselves into physical reality, therefore, I will concentrate my thoughts for thirty minutes daily, upon the task of thinking of the person I intend to become, thereby creating in my mind a clear mental picture of that person". I intend to do that, also envisaging myself doing more weddings, in the car I would like (Kia Soul), in my smaller body, while I am peddling away on my lil machine, getting my heart pumping.

When I lived in San Diego (before Tucson) I incurred some debt, twas an expensive place to live, the reason I moved there didn't work out. I am very pleased that I have now paid off 1/3 of that debt. It'll be gone before I know it.

Life IS good!

P.S. I heard from my best buds that Denise didn't think there was enough to do in this area to fill 4 weeks. Rob still wants to go to Arches National Park in Moab, UT, that is 9 hours from home. I'll try and get the weekend off in the middle while they are here, so we can do that and have some day trips locally on either side. He is going to rent a SUV or RV, that will be FUN!