my back pain. I've had two types of back pain in the last couple of weeks. The first was the regular run of the mill lower back pain, DDD (degenerative disk disease), arthritis crap that most folks over 50 start experiencing. The 2nd, latest, pain is triggered by sitting or standing upright, I call it MBP (mysterious back pain) that started after I got my gall bladder out, going on 5 years ago. I've had all the scans, chiropractics, acupuncture etc and nothing works on it. The last gal I saw thought it was to do with my liver attachment, that it got compromised during my surgery. I ran out of $ to continue her treatment, don't know if it would have worked.

Right after the surgery in San Diego I was working in an office chair in my home office, it would start after a half hour or so of sitting upright and just burn all day. It is like a vibrating burning pain between my spine and my right side, just under the bra strap area, so maybe 10"x4" patch. After I get in to a chair where I can sink in to it, kind of slouch, it goes away. I can't stand in the kitchen for long preparing food before it starts up. I don't like taking pain pills, especially as it is so intermittent. I had to give up working on an office chair and started working in my recliner which was fine. The chair at The Wellness Center I was last week in was bolt upright and it started hurting very quickly. This was the right hand receptionist chair. The left one is more comfortable for me. As a full time person is always there I can't swap out chairs so I put up with it. Here in the realtor, I can slouch, but when I am sitting upright putting packets together the pain creeps in. When I go to a meetup, I take my own chair that I can slouch in, normal plastic or metal chairs bother me. I get to a new meetup early to check out the seating, if there is a chair to sink in to I take it, if not, I got and get my chair. Just something I have to put up with or arrange myself so it doesn't start up.

I got to dinner at Silver Saddles restaurant only 5 mins late on Thursday night. I thought it was just me and Jeanie & Tony, turns out it was a total of 9 of us. 6 gal pals of her and 3 of their SOs (significant others). Nice bunch of folks, all of the other women she knows through her home care/hospice profession. The food was good, they have one of those giant grills over a huge fire pit, that they can raise and lower, to cook the meat on. It was mighty warm in there. Most had prime rib, a HUGE slab of bloody/fatty meat which grosses me out. I did order the combo of quarter chicken, 4 ribs and 6oz steak. You get soup or salad, I had onion soup that had cheesy bread in it, scrumptious! Also get a lil bowl of beans as you know cowboys always eat beans around a campfire. ;-) I ordered some onion rings also, 7 of them for $7, ridiculously expensive, I thought it was going to be a huge pile we could all share. I got fries too and ate only 2, those thick cut fries that are mushy inside I don't like. I didn't have room for them anyway. Jeanie brought 2 cheesecakes and cherry pie filling to pour on top for desert. I did take home the chicken and half of the steak and 2 of the onion rings and a bread roll. It was all very tasty BUT I dislike it when they add 20% tip to the bill and expect you to pay it. I usually tip 10-15% IF I am happy with the service. I did have a Margarita, just ok, for $5.50. My bill was nearly $44! I hate spending that much at a restaurant. Oh well. My presence was Jeanie's present. ;-)

I got an email last night that D&R have cut their trip down to 2 weeks now. Arriving May 3rd, leaving May 18th directly back to Brisbane. No explanation. It would have cost them to change their tickets. I wonder what caused that, cutting down from nearly 6 weeks to 2 weeks. I replied 'Huh? What happened?' I can pick them up from the airport but they might have to take a taxi to the airport, it is on a Sunday. I can't have the weekend off in between. So I guess they are hanging here in Tucson the whole time and we will do day trips. Such a long way to travel for such a short time.

After 3 days in here at the realtor I will be vegeing on Tuesday, have lunch out with Bernadette the snowbird from Montreal on Wednesday. I will see where she parks her RV every year when she comes down. Always like to see where and how people live. It's over by the airport, about 40 mins. away. Thursday will be food shopping and vegeing on Friday. I bet I get a bulk mailing to do though, about time, at least an hour a day, sometimes 3 to get those done.

Pam 1 did come in for 1.5 hours this morning to clarify some stuff for me which was helpful. I would have liked more time with her but she had to rush off to a Memorial service. Nice 'n quiet in here now, how I like it...