I was at the Wellness Center on Wednesday. Sat there doing nuthin' the first half, all 3 admins were there, wonder why I was too. One was frantically getting ready for a meeting with a new doctor that will be working part time as the other is reducing her hours. We got free pizza, pasta and drinks. I did have some pasta and a bread stick with the fruit I brought.

In the afternoon I looked at patient records in the online system to see if they were archived and added a box number to them if they were. Their chairs are totally upright so my burning back pain started and was still there when I left. I could not slouch in the chair, which I need to do to get rid of the pain. I really don't like working there, but will now and again when they ask for the $.

Stopped at Traders Joes on the way home to get some fruit for lunches when I am at the realtor office, today, and Saturday through Monday. I was not in a good mood this morning, slept too much, 7 hours. Then I cannot print, everytime the IT gal does something to the network everybody has to be reset up to print from whatever desk they are sitting at, tis entirely STUPID! I have 2 monitors, the left one has a faulty connection and won't stay on. So I can open a new window and if it goes to the left screen I can't access it. Email keeps going to sleep and so does Adobe, you can imagine I am not thrilled to be working here either. Hence I am asking for more weddings, I DO (pun intended) love doing those!

My back is burning here at the realtor too, had to sit upright to put some Sales packets together. I am trying to slouch to get away from it with a lil success. Good news is that Pam 1 is going to come in to the office Saturday morning to answer my questions in person and get me set up on the printer again.

I head out of here this evening to the Silver Saddle Steakhouse to join Jeanie and Tony for dinner. I hope they have frozen Margaritas! If not a SoCo and DP (Southern Comfort & Diet Pepsi) will do. Nice way to end an icky day.

I will chat with Terri on Saturday, one of the realtors I am friendly with, she is going to help me paint the bedroom. I can't move the bed myself and going up on the ladder is not good, she is small and light, will be easier for her. Will get that done next month.

I am contemplating getting pull out trays in the lower kitchen cupboards and the pantry to make all the space usable and get all the stuff off the counter tops, looks to untidy in there. The lower cabinets have one half sized shelf on the top which is hard to get to and pretty useless. Pull out trays would be great, you can see everything you have. Right now stuff is stuck up at the back of the pantry shelves that is hard to get to and you forget what is in there, have to move everything else out to get to to it, dumb! I haven't heard from my landlord still. I will call her and get an answer on the patio and tell her of my intentions on the pull out trays. It would be a miracle for me to buy the place in 2.5 years, I want to stay there as long as possible, renting or buying.

Tomorrow is a mental health day, just chillaxing. So there! I'm really worn out, don't know I used to work full time...