after all. I'm working at The Health Center tomorrow and Pam 1 just called to remind me I am working at the realtor all day Thursday, 8-5, I thought it was next week. I also am to work at the realtor on Martin Luther King Jr. day, Monday, from 9-4, so that's a long weekend in there.

I've got to let Jeanie know I will be a lil late to the restaurant on Thursday, booking is at 5:30, I will be about 10 mins. late.

I went to put a load of washing on and the dryer door was open, light on and wet sheets were in there from last week. Ok yuck! I forgot to close the door and turn the dryer on. So they are being washed again and two more loads of clothes after than, have to finish by 5pm when the cheaper electricity stops. Should just make it if I remember it... ;-)

Time for lunch, I did remember to take the chicken and baby spinach out of the fridge to get it to room temperature. I hate eating cold food. I nuke my cereal/milk for 30 secs. in the morning to take the chill off.

What a silly sausage I am!