travel arrangements are coming along. Quite different from what I knew a month or two ago.

No Cuba, Dominican Republic or Mexico, or arriving here at the end of May, they fly in to Tucson on a Saturday, May 3rd, late enough that I can work til 4pm and then either pick them up or await their arrival in a rental car. Their flight out of Tucson is May 30th! Then 10 days in Vancouver or Hawaii. They've been to Vancouver before I don't think they have been to Hawaii.

Rob talks of Arches National Park in Utah and Santa Fe, New Mexico and places in between. So I shall see them before and after their road trip which will take 2-3 weeks. I don't have resources for lots of hotels and meals and won't allow them to pay for them as they did in NYC, I don't want Rob getting resentful like last time and being in a car together all that time might be too much.

I'll get the Sunday off and amuse them locally for a few days before they head out and when they come back, that will be perfect! Denise can come back alone in a couple of years and we will hit the new outlet malls.

I joined a new meetup on Consciousness and it turns out to be an internet radio show. I had dialed in to a call expecting to listen to see how it goes but I get "S.E. Tucson you're on the air!" No thank you, I hung up. I listened to some of his past 'shows' They were awful, the guy has zero personality. Next!

I find myself dreading working at the Wellness Center tomorrow, need to change my 'tude, it's just one day and good $ (for Tucson). The folks are nice enough, we in a glorified trailer with no windows, I wear a high necked top and keep my jacket on all day as it is cold in there. I'll have 2 more days to loll about before working at the realtor, will get to the store and then loll. Today is cleaning the house, been way too long, oops!

The woodpecker is rat a tat tatting on the sat. dish, the coyotes are having a party just after 8am. They've been doing that earlier and later lately, tis usually a dark time thing, but I've heard them at dusk lately and now well after dawn. Sure are keeping the bunny population down. I have to have my white noise machine on all night or I'd never get any sleep with their partying, I can't call the cops on them either! ;-)