pronounced Luc, as in Lucy, is a great lil hair stylist. I wonder how long she will stick around? The cheap, no appt. hair stylist places, have revolving doors when it comes to their stylists. I don't know how they stand to not know which 2 days a week they will have off the following week until the Friday before. I walked in feeling like a wooly sheep and came all short 'n sharp for $17.95 including tip. I gave my wedding officiant card to her colleague who is planning her wedding.

I sent an email to Pam 1 at the realtor office last weekend, saying I needed more training, Tina had thoroughly confused me. I also suggested that all documents get sent to the HomeBase email account, as when they are sent directly to Tina or Pam they 'get lost'. I've had a few realtors complain to me about that. I did not get a reply and Pam did not come in to instruct me. They are so darned busy but... I've seen Pam in action, she panders to the realtors every whim, that needs to be cut back and she spents a lot of time yakking about her personal life. I'm so glad I am not caught up in that, on the weekend tis nice and peaceful. I guess I will remain uneducated and apologetic to those that need my assistance and I can't help them.

We've had a mild, beautiful winter so far this year, a few days in the 50s, but mostly 60s, sometimes low 70s. I've emailed the owner of my duplex twice asking if she will pay to get the patio extended. Got no reply. I'd love to be sitting out there soaking up the sun. When I leave for work in the morning I have top zipped right up and a coat on, Jim next door goes out in shorts and a t-shirt.

Denise & Robert will be here in 4 and a bit months. I kinda hope they get their own car and can come and go as they please. Tis hard to keep Robert amused. They can tell me what they are doing for the day and I will tell them if I want to join them or not, like we did in NYC. I just read there are 2 new outlet malls coming to Tucson but they won't be done in time for their visit, ground breaking is March, completion 2015. So hopefully they are done before sis comes for my 60th birthday. The malls will be great for Tucson!

Only working Wednesday at the Wellness Center next week, will spend some time with a realtor signing her up for SOC. My points are accumulating, once I get signed up I will cancel my subscription for 3 months, then start it back up. Just a quick trip to the store for some fruit otherwise it will be a quiet week. Oh I am joining Jeanie & Tony for Jeanie's birthday dinner at a steakhouse on Thursday evening. They love Prime Rib which revolts me, a big slab of beef full of fat, gross! I saw the menu and will get a sampler of 6 oz. steak, quarter chicken, and a few BBQ ribs for $20, that includes soup or salad, potato and roll. I'll be STUFFED or bring some home, probably the latter. I'll be doing lots of reading, gotta clean the house too, UGH.

Got my projected tax check off to the IRS. I should break even and the $1.5K I have set aside JIC, will be handy when Denise & Robert are here, I won't spend all of it, keep some for unexpected expenses. Next year I will get a hefty tax return as IRS took 20% out of my retirement funds I cashed in last week, my income will be low so they will have to give probably half of that back.

Pineapple and mango spears are superb today! So sweet and ripe and dishy-lish. I did pick up a Cali Bacon Chicken Ranch pizza on the way home from work yesterday, more for din dins tonight while watching basketball.

I got my first testimonial, for the last wedding I did. I shall upload it to my website tonight. Tis so sweet! Some great photos to post too. I'm very happy about that.

Nothing much else going on, the cats are delicious, coming up for lots of attention, just as well it is one at a time. Ketley still does her somersaulting trying to suckle herself, she loves to head butt my hand and chin to keep the rubs coming. Kaiya is seeking more attention, sometimes just sits for a few mins. after her 'fix' of scratches. Kokee just lies between my knees, all spread out, head up looking for scratches. Totally delightful most of the time... ;-)