As you know I do enjoy watching college basket ball as it gets down to the regionals and then finals called 'March Madness'. Uof A (University of Arizona) is doing great coming in to the regionals, 15-0. One of the commentators assigned to Uof A games is such a PITA to listen to I have to mute the sound. He goes off on a tangent about topics that have NOTHING to do with basketball and has an annoying voice. They had a close up of the commentators, I could see him flapping his lips and the other commentator's look of exasperation. We are whipping the butt of a major rival, UCLA, right now, lookin' good!

I had an excellent lunch with Jeanie yesterday, I do like her, we have lots to keep us talking. We ate at Eclectic Cafe, good variety of food. I did have a Key Lime mousse, not enough lime 'zing' for me, as well as some guacamole and a sandwich. I can handle wheat once a week or so. The waiter was an idiot. He put the bill down before I had finished my main course, I had told him I wanted the dessert and he completely forgot. Then he brought out the mousse before I finished my meal. Then he brought another check, Jeanie reminded him we wanted separate checks, so he came back with a 3rd attempt. Needless to say he didn't get much of a tip from either of us. I'm inviting her to my neck of the woods next month to see my home and view and we shall dine somewhere close. We are going to go to a Meditation evening on Tuesdays, between our two homes, chanting and silent meditation.

The Prison Pastor called when I was with Jeanie, I asked if I could call him when I got home, he said no and proceeded to ask me a few questions, it was very difficult to hear him. I guess I will hear from him if I am cleared. Still haven't got a deposit from the bride yet.

Today was rough at the Wellness Center. It got VERY busy a few times. Once when I was on my own, no admin or nurse in sight and 3 patients came in without appointments. My head was spinning trying to remember what I am supposed to do. I was not happy about being left alone. I overheard the manager saying she wants to get one of us Per Diems to cover the whole 3 months one of the permanent admins is on maternity leave. I won't volunteer, not worth the stress, the long commute and I'd be working 7 days a week (I won't give up the weekend job just yet). I'm hoping the other 2 Per Diems will say no too, so we can work out a schedule, I'd do 2 days mid week maximum.

The gal I said I didn't want to hear from again had to send an email asking what she did wrong, we were such good friends (in her mind), and she could fix it. I deleted it. She should just respect my wishes.

I should go out for a haircut tomorrow, such a shaggy dog, but I need a 'do nothiing' day, will read some of two good books. My lower back has been killing me all week, must have slept on my back on Sunday night and not known it. Tis hard to get up and get going, well harder than usual anyway. I hope Medicaid kicks in soon, I am going to set up a bunch of appointments, get my skin check for pre-cancerous stuff (they always burns a few things off me, face/arms), get my knees and back checked out. Writing that made me realize that my right hip hasn't been bothering me at all in quite a while, goodie! I think my co-pays will be like $3.

There is a new show called 'Brain Games' on the National Geographic Channel, I shall record it and see what it is all about. Sounds interesting.