I saw that as a screen name recently. I'd like to have two cats called Ome and Omi sometime. Twill be a while though my current 3 cat kooks are going to be with me at least 10 more years.

Kook Ketley has discovered closing doors is fun. She closes my bedroom door, the guest bathroom and bedroom doors. I have a basket in front of my bathroom door so she can't close it.

She also got her head caught in a small paper bag with handles the other night. She was poking around in it on the kitchen counter and it got stuck. She flew off the counter and went on a wild rampage all over the place until all but a small section attached to a handle around her neck remained. I found her exhausted sitting on a bedside table, she smell of pee. Who knows where else she left her pee. I pulled the bag handle over her head. She stayed there a while and slowly moved down the hall over an hour or so. It really terrified her. Took her 3 hours to get back to normal.

I had to email Francoise, the gal who got me in to Send Out Cards, "I'd prefer it if you never contacted me again." She is very needy, desperate for friends, she leaves needy voicemails and emails and was due to visit in a few weeks, I couldn't stand it, life is too short. I let Kathy know, she is a mutual friend, that she might get some flak. I hope she gets the courage to do the same. I know she wants to.

I thought about moving to Maui for no winter, but the constant breezes, humidity, feeling trapped and not to mention the high cost of living kaboshed that thought.

A gal I met online through another online friend is a Snowbird and is back in town from Montreal. I shall have lunch with her a couple of times before she leaves in April. I did meet her last Snowbird season, a nice gal.

Two days of mostly relaxing, YAY!!