I'm not complaining. Picking up a bulk mailing to do on the way home from the weekend job.
I did get a realtor to agree to sign up for SOC in exchange for me putting her details on my wedding officiant website. So need to show her how to sign up and then update my officiant website.
Tis a busy day in the realtor office, 7 clients came in to meet with their realtor. I'll be here tomorrow and then back to the Wellness Center on Monday.
I will need a break Tuesday for sure. Though I will return the bulk mailing and get to the store.
Wednesday is a late lunch with Jeanie, Michelle is still casting bad words about her on websites where Jeanie is registered as a caregiver. She has to hire a 'big gun' lawyer now. She's got all the paperwork ready, just needs to see what he recommends, show her the contract that they signed that says Jeanie was not responsible for James' well being (she just found that the other day), just transporting, shopping, getting meds etc. 8 hours a week. OR sue for defamation of character. Michelle has to STOP! She is taking her guilt out on Jeanie, NOT FAIR!! At least Jeanie has 2 people that she is a caregiver for 1 day a week who love her.
Back to the Wellness Center on Thursday.
Hopefully a rest on Friday before back here.
It seems I am going to have a 'Performance Review' here at the realtor, I can write my own, but I don't have to so I won't. Jim can say whatever he wants to with feedback from the realtors, he hardly ever sees me. I presume he will say I am performing satisfactorily, I know I am.
Hope all is well with you lot. Not sure when I will feel like checking out blogs...