A couple of weeks ago when I started doing the ’21 Day Consciousness Cleanse’ some stuff was stirred up and I reached out to Lori, my guru, in San Diego. I couldn’t afford to pay her but as she has given up her office and works solely from home, she said she had some wiggle room, and that we could just have a conversation.

We finally had that conversation today. I still had my list of issues to talk about, but I had already moved through them, was not down for long, but we still discussed them. As it was a conversation she was able to interject her own experiences, we were peers. At the end she said she was very pleased with my growth, I don’t need more counseling, just encouragement. I have done a lot of work since we last ‘met’ so I was very pleased to hear that. It was great to have a conversation with a like-minded person and we will have another conversation soon. Ahhhhhhhh!

I told her that 2014 is going to be a great year for me as I have set myself up (raised my vibration) for it, and so it will be.

Consequently much abundance is coming my way, including monetarily. I finally have some shifts with my 2nd (of 5) part time jobs. Remember the one where it took 2 months for them to do my security clearance and a month to get me in for an orientation day? As a receptionist at the Wellness Center out at the Raytheon campus. She told me I would get 3 to 4 days a month, more in summer, but that didn’t happen. I had given up my unemployment insurance $ for that, oh well.

Pam 2 (Pam 1 is my manager at the realtor) called and asked if I could work tomorrow and Monday, and perhaps one other day next week. Oh yes I can! It pays $6 an hour more than the realtor job so I don’t mind the 45 min. commute on 4 main roads, including our only freeway. I start at 7am tomorrow morning, work til 3:30pm. My Friday morning ritual of reading People magazine will have to be in the afternoon. Of course I work on the weekend too, so if I am not around much that is why.

I did hear from the bride for the prison wedding on Valentines Day. She asked what all the other charges are in my contract, I replied that she has a fixed fee, but if I am at the prison longer than the 45 mins. I have allocated, I will charge $25 an hour. The other charges were for a rehearsal if she wants one, but she doesn’t, and for witnesses if she doesn’t bring her own. I strongly suggested she bring her own. She also ask if I have heard from the Prison Pastor, he has to clear me to come in to the prison, I have not. I am not certain that I will be officiating that wedding, if I am meant to, I will.

Wendy had texted me a couple of days ago that she referred me for a local prison wedding on Feb 13th. I never heard from them. I asked if I could have the email address or phone number (however they contacted her) so I could follow up with them. She replied that she prefers to just give them my number. Weird, but so be it, I appreciate the referrals. Again, I will get the weddings I am meant to do.

A guy from the ObamaCare thingy did call when I was in the shower, and left a message for me to apply for Arizona MedicAid on the ‘net which I have already done.

I am pleased that Virgin Mobile was not able to charge another month’s service for a phone I do not have, I will still have my credit card company fight for refund of the illegal charge last month.