I knew it was going to be a 'fun' day, meaning 'very trying' and indeed it was.

4 hours with 'insane' Tina had me leave shaking my head. I tried to be helpful by using Pam's computer, so Tina didn't need to shut down her computer and move to Pam's. I don't have my own computer, I use Tina's on the weekend. Pam has her computer set up with Chrome. I had to use webmail which is a total PITA (pain in the ass). None of my desktop shortcuts were there. So it was a challenge to get anything done.

Yesterday I had left Tina an email saying I thought I had done something wrong. We open up a transaction in HomeBase for a listing or a sale in which you open the relevant packet of documents. On the weekend I had to handle both sides on one property and it got me confused. I referred to an email that Tina had sent a while back which I took to mean I open a listing and put in listing and sales packets. Then I wondered if I did that right.

When I got in the office Tina first said I did it wrong. That we could cancel the transaction and start over with separate listing and sales transactions with relevant packets. Then she changed her mind and said it right. Now this probably took 20 mins. As I told you before she never finishes a sentence, it is very difficult to follow what she is trying to tell you. I'm going to ask Pam how the transaction should be done and get a straight answer so I can understand. The realtor that was handling the listing gave Tina the documents to upload that I had already uploaded and Tina deleted them when she thought I had done it wrong. I went and talked to the realtor afterwards and we were both rolling our eyes. The realtor says Tina is just so anxiety ridden that it makes her behave that way. She is a kind person but just so hard to work with, must drive Pam nuts 5 full days a week of her. Pam had said she will tell her something and Tina looks blankly at her and she thinks what she told did not sink in at all. Tina has made some serious errors that took a lot of wrangling to fix. I want to know immediately if I do something wrong so I can fix it with instruction.

THEN I came home and tried to call Arizona Medicaid. The one choice It said all their circuits were busy to call back later. I tried a differen number and she told me try and apply online and gave me the link. I tried 3 times and got kicked out, each time getting a little further along. The last time I could not get back in, it went in to maintenance. I kept trying the first number but still could not get through. So if it is true I have to have insurance set up before January 1st it ain't gonna happen. I was waiting for MedicAid to call me as they told me to when I applied for insurance online a week or two ago. A gal in the office told me to call them because of the deadline. I hope they have some leeway.

So time to watch Bones and relax eating pumpkin pie and ice cream to do it all over again tomorrow! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Wednesday is gonna be a DO NOTHING day. It probably will be for a lot of people because they will have giant hangovers. Mine will be a 'Tina' hangover. ;-)