I have a variation on that theme. I love to read and I read TONS! Some mornings, ok afternoons, when I get out of bed I have read so much my eyes are unfocused, for a few hours. It makes driving interesting. It did today, I had to go and get some cat food, my 9 weekly delivery for the cat food was off, I moved it up a few days but this weekend is in the way, it will probably be delivered on Monday.

I did find one more pumpkin pie, no added sugar one, so it will be more savory to go with the leftover vanilla bean ice cream. That will be it til next November. I did spent my $100 bonus on groceries. It's just the way it is. At least I buy some fun food! I did get some white corn round tortilla chips, grated cheddar cheese and guacamole to make Nachos for dinner one night. Layer up the chips and cheese and bake and top with Wholly Guacamole. I might toss a few black beans on it too for extra protein of course! ;-)

My monthly delivery of 12 bags of Pop Chips comes in a box which comes in a bigger box with a big wad of packing paper in it. I decided to make a fort for the cats. The boxes are piled up on each other and the paper is wound around in front of it, all behind the sofa. They love to dive bomb from the sofa in to the paper and make a racket. Playing peek a boo and attacking each other is quite noisy too. But what the heck, if it stops Ketley from breaking more pottery or tearing down blinds I am all for it!

I'd love to share some pics with you, but I can't easily. Nothing works for me pic wise here at the moment. I have alerted the Help Desk, but as they couldn't help with my last issue, still can't paste text in to a blog, I don't hold hope much hope for this issue. I guess I will have to make sets of photos in Flickr and share the set here.

I may not do Christmas but I sure scored when it comes to presents. There are a lot of generous folks at the realtor office. The Branch Manager gave me a $20 gift card for a restaurant chain. Tina gave me tree ornament, I hope she doesn't think I am rude but I left it for her saying I really appreciated her sentiment but to give it to somebody who does Christmas and will enjoy it on their tree. Of course I got $125 cash from two sources. I got a bunch of flowers in vase, a gal was sent them by her sister but she went away for a week so she brought them in for me to take home and enjoy so I did. I got a cashmere scarf, some fruity hand lotion and body spray, a tray of tasty sweet goodies, a bottle of red wine, and a few cards. How kind of them!

My Mom sent me a card with a letter inside to tell me stuff she couldn't tell me over the phone as Dad is listening when she calls, she puts in on speaker phone for him. Things like how his driving frightens her, she is the one that crashed the car mind you ;-), that he is getting very frustrated as he can't remember how to do things on his computer, about their health issues. As I don't know when I am going to be able to afford to go to Australia again so I am going to start sending cards to her via Send Out Cards (only pay local Aussie postage), once or twice a month, with photos that I take around home and when I am out and about. I know she will really enjoy that and save them. She hates cooking now but feels she has to put a hot meal in front of Dad every night. They have tried delivered food but it is never to their liking. I am going to suggest she look at frozen dinners, they have changed a lot these days. So many do not have preservatives and less sodium, Australians are quite health conscious so there should be some good options. She can take the food out of the trays and nuke it on nice plates. I will suggest just buying a bunch of meats and cheese and crackers and soups for simple meals.

Anyway, off for more chillaxing, I've got 4 straight days of work, well 7 hours, 6 hours, 4 hours and 4 hours. I have found a part time job to apply for locally, I need to fax an application, will do that at the office tomorrow, it's 10-2pm Mon, Tues & Thurs, more $ than the weekend job. That would work very nicely, stop the bleed of the retirement funds. I'm waiting to hear from Medicaid to see what kind of health insurance that they offer, it is state run and supposed to be souped up for low income earners as part of ObamaCare. I wonder if they will keep that name when he is gone.