to make a fun afternoon!

I thought it was going to be 3 married couples and me but it turned out to be 2 married couples (including the host couple Jeanie and Tony) and a gal with 1.5 lungs (lost a half to cancer recently and still smokes) and her 85 year old mother, Blanche, who looks 70, whose memory is going fast. Those two were an absolute hoot! Sandy is the salt of the earth kinda gal, brushes her teeth with Comet (yep that abrasive bathroom cleaner) and didn't finish school, got in to the Postal Service and has worked there over 3 decades. Once her step dad was gone, they decided to move from Michigan to somewhere warm, they had some relatives in a small town between Phoenix and Tucson but Sandy couldn't get in to the Postal Service there so it was Phoenix or Tucson and she heard Tucson was better.

Jeanie met Sandy through Jeanie's BF, when Jeanie and Tony were divorced for a while. They were fun to watch interacting. The other couple, they were on their second marriages, Mike and Susan. Jeanie met Mike through a Medical Assistant course they took and were the only 'oldies' in the course. Susan is a caterer. She appears to be all prim and proper but she was a hootin' and hollerin' and swearing before we knew it. I was a lil animated myself. I tried some Jim Beam, yikes a rama! It went straight to my head. I was relating how I got in to being a wedding officiant and Mike blurted out that I am just like Jeanie. I said 'No wonder we are friends!'

We did have a wonderful meal of turkey, stuffing, mash, cauli & broccoli with cheese sauce, salad, and the pies I brought. We all got along great, I hope to get together with them all again. Jeanie and Tony live in a really quirky neighborhood of slump block (a type of brick) houses built in the 70s over on the east side. They have modernized the house, have a great pool in the backyard and great views of the Rincon mountains from the front living room windows.

A great time had by all! Nice to get some great hugs too.