very peaceful. I am all about finding peace these days. I have not watched television news in a few years. Any TV shows that make feel any angst I don't watch, they can even be on HGTV (Home & Garden Television). I don't watch any reality shows that are competitions, well except for singing or dance shows, I record them and fast forward to just hear the music or watch the dance. These shows are just full of love and joy.

I have recently discovered Oprah Winfrey's ' Super Soul Sunday'. I thought OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) was a channel I had to pay for, but I accidentally found it and saw that I can actually access it. The SSS I watched yesterday was about the current CEO of Starbucks, rising from the projects of NY to buy Starbucks and make it the huge concern that it is. It may be the only company that provides benefits to part time employees, it's about respecting their employees. He is only going to stay on a few more years, I wonder if the benefits will stay once he is gone.

Today's SSS I watched was a repeat but new to me, Oprah spoke with Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese Zen Buddhist Monk who is now 87 years old and is still traveling the world spreading peace. He was great friends with Martin Luther King. He was exiled from Vietnam for 37 years, the country did not allow peace makers.

Oprah asked if he watches TV, he said no, if anything important happens in the world someone will tell him about it. That really resonated with me, I will quote it when someone bauks when I say I don't watch (or read) any news.

There is an excellent Buddhist Meditation Center here in Tucson, Wat Buddhametta. I did attend one Buddhist Study Group. I was pleased I knew some of what they were teaching that day. They have quite a few free classes there, like chanting and yoga, I will have to check it out more.

After that ended I came across a PBS program called 'RoadTrip Nation' that has 3 20 somethings traveling around the country in a tricked out 1972 Winnebago interviewing all sorts of people about travel, life and finding yourself. Fascinating to hear them talking to people that are in jobs that they love.

Tomorrow will be a relaxing, reflective day with lots of reading. I really cherish my
'do nothing' days, they are worth being poor monetarily as I am becoming richer in spiritual ways...