Just bored out of my skull in the office. Catching up here and writing emails. One friend said we hadn't been in contact for a while, I had sent 2 emails to her and got no replies, one of them sparked a blog from her so I know she got it. Funny how we do that, especially as we get older. ;-)

I can't post photos from Flickr now through the 'Source' button. I refuse to upload photos to this website, I would exceed the limit and have to upgrade. Not happening. I figured out I can paste text through the 'Source' button, but can't normally even though they said it was fixed.

I've been getting to bed late, don't usually turn out the light til midnight. I really got in to recordings of 'The Sing Off' one night and got to bed at 1:30am. I get my usual 4.5-5 hours, it is not light until after 7am. I did wake up at 3am night before last and didn't get back to sleep, so I felt like I had a major body hangover yesterday, couldn't wait to get home. When I did I flaked in the chaise. I did try to watch more 'Midsommer Murders' last night, start of season 7 Bernie, new sargeant just started, but slept through most of them. Oops! Today I am not feeling much better. I have finally grown tired of the taste of Snickers. I did try peanut M&Ms and I don't like them anymore either. This is good news. With eating LOTS of those and half a pumpkin pie with ice cream for brunch one day for example, I manage to not gain weight. Like I was before I dieted to lose a bunch of weight. I am really pleased about that. Just gotta trust the process. I did the same thing 20 years ago using the affirmations that I am using now. To get my mind/body back to a person with 'normal' metabolism who doesn't 'worry' about their weight at all and can eat whatever they bloody well feel like. YAY!!

The '21 Day Consciousness Cleanse' has stirred up some stuff that I am working through. I have made good inroads, some of the stuff they talk about I am already there. I'm going to have a chat/pep talk with my San Diego guru, Lori, can't afford a session but she is willing to chat. Tis interesting how she can see Dennis' death as a gift and I see it as an omen, she said we were alike emotionally, shut down.

Tomorrow is an absolutely do nothing day as I work on the 24th here in the realtor office. I am yawning in advance for the boredom. I'll take my Nook reader in. Huh, I just realized I forgot to read People magazine last Friday. I do so many other things in the morning before I read that I plumb forgot! Tis funny how I read my Kindle books on my laptop, my TouchPad and now my phone. I read Nook books on my laptop, my TouchPad, my Nook reader, my Nook Color and now my phone. Tis a bummer that I can only read library books on my Nook reader. I could get DVDs from the library to watch on my laptop, but I don't know why it doesn't like the software it wants to use. Still can't hear all youtube vids on my laptop, some I can, some I can't. VERY annoying! My TouchPad, forget about vids, I've lost the sound (well it is so low you can hardly hear it), it still reboots a few times a day, as HPs failed attempt as a tablet that they got rid of via a fire sale to the staff, it has no support. Can't justify buying a new one.

I have sent 2 emails to the gal who wants to marry an inmate, haven't heard a word back. I shall give her a call at the end of next week if I don't hear from here by then. I will accept any weddings on Valentines Day, if she doesn't get her 'Hold the Date' deposit to me she can lose!

I don't really like having to ask for Testimonials for my wedding officiant services, but I do when I ask for photos to put on my website. I've gotten no testimonials from the first 4 weddings, yet to ask the last bride, but did get photos from Angel but no words. I thought I would as I let her and her daughter and her friend in my house for half an hour to make sure the bride made an entrance in her beautiful gown. I left my card with the photographers of the last 2 weddings asking for photos, haven't got anything. My contract that they sign says I have rights to photos of them for my website as they have rights to photos of me for wherever they want to put them. I'll email the last bride and her mother, emailed and spoke a lot with both of them and got good verbal compliments from them, I hope they will send a few photos and a few words. It takes time to build the website up for others to see that I offer good legitmate services.

I bought a pumpkin pie and pecan pie for the meal I am having with Jeanie and her friends on the 25th. They say 'Use by 12/22', so if I disappear it is because of pumpkin pie poisoning. ;-)