We all know how music can be so uplifting. Dance does it to me as well. I've been recording 'The Sing Off' for a few weeks and got around to watching a few episodes tonight.

This is Acapella singing, no instruments at all. If they want instruments they make 'em with their voices. There are as few as 5 up to 15 or so in the groups. Age ranges from high school kids to a Do Wop group in their 60s/70s. Each week there is a theme like Dance Party, No. 1 Songs or Show Tunes. This year there is a Country Acapella group, first time, the bass is the lowest I have ever heard, blew out some sub woofers me thinks.

The choreography and dancing is so much fun too. The judging by Jewel, Ben Fold of Ben Folds Five and Shawn Stockman from Boyz II Men, is a lot of fun. At the end of the show there is a sing off between the two bottom groups, sensational! If you don't feel energized after watching this show I now pronounce you DEAD.

Here's a sample, there is a bunch more on youtube of course.


Another sensational sunrise this morning! Thanks Flickr for all the messy stuff... NOT.