Came through! Romeo from Capital One credit cards that is. My advocate against Virgin. He called today as he had yesterday off. This is the 11th working day of the 8-10 working days my refund was supposed to be completed in. He has given me a temporary credit and they have sent some sort of formal request to Virgin to remedy the issue. Hopefully that will kick their asses in to gear to get the credit processed. I'm not sure if I changed the expiration date on my credit card with them or Cricket. I hope it was them, so they can't take any more $ from me that I have to fight against.

The mail brought a letter from Vonage begging me to come back, offering what I was getting before for $24.95 no contract, for $9.99 with a contract. Of course the price goes up in 6 months. I read on the internet where people signed up for the offer but got charged the $24.95, not the $9.99 and they couldn't get their refund. I don't know how these companies get away with these practices.

The mail also brought a letter from my insurance company declaring that I have a mortgage with a company I tried to get a mortgage with but couldn't complete the paperwork done in time before my job was gone. 9 months later they are telling me my premium is overdue on the condo insurance and that I have to work with the mortgage company to get it paid out of escrow. I thought I had sorted that out almost a month ago! But I noticed that they did not take out my monthly payment again. Another 35 mins. on the phone sorting that crap out AGAIN. Hopefully that sticks.

The clouds have moved in today, tis still warmish at 76F/23C so the back window is open. Tomorrow the wind comes up and the rain comes on Friday when the temp drops to 58F/14C. The winters are very tolerable here. I chose Tucson as the average day time temp is 70F/20C or over 9 months of the year. Some humidity in monsoon season, 2.5 months from July, is tolerable.

Chicken and baby spinach salad for lunch today. Perhaps some tasty taquitos with guacamole for dinner.

There have been lots of planes flying over lately, perhaps Air Force, I don't normally hear commercial flights here.

Blah blah blah I shall watch a DVD of Kundalini Yoga I got from Netflix, see if I have any chance of doing it. I have seen Qigong, that looks more conducive to an ageing body. Need to get the contract and vow suggestions to Trina for the prison wedding, that won't take long. Driving 4 hours there and back and the ceremony and time spent today still pays $25 an hour, big $ for Tucson.