I got up just after 6am, topped up cat food and water bowls and turned on the heat. Got back in to bed and did my 'Morning practice', my Affirmations, then read Day 4 of 21 Day Consciousness Cleanse that I will do the exercises for when I get home. Had time to read a lil, play a few games of Solitaire while playing with Ketley and petting Kokee and Kaiya as required. Then up for a shower and breakfast and off to the office.

The floor agents did come in thank goodness. This morning it was Steve who is good friends with Pam, the office manager. She came in for an hour also. She is the one with the BF who everybody talks about behind her back. NOBODY likes him. He can't get a job, not really trying, everything is wrong with everybody else, there is nothing wrong with him. She told me he hit her dog and threw her daughter's dog across the room on occasions. I wonder what he does to her. We just don't understand why she puts up with him. She was all excited that her daughter just graduated nursing school with an award. There is always a shortage of nurses. The issue is that she is 6 weeks pregnant, so she needs to find a job before she starts showing. I don't know what the deal is, can a hospital not hire her because she is pregnant and will no doubt go on maternity for at least a month in a few months time? She is not married, her BF is a no hoper, Pam asked her what she is doing with the guy, he is not good for her. Her daughter replied 'What are you doing with your BF, he is not good for you.' They stay with their BFs because they love them, NOT because their BFs 'love' them. Amazing what some people will put up with as they don't think they deserve better.

Plenty of work to do today, Pam asked me to work tomorrow and Tuesday, I said I would come in 10-2 on Tuesday, tomorrow is my lazy day. I will be wiped out after working today and then doing the wedding. She wants me in the 30th and 31st, I said I would work 10-2. You know the reason, can't stand much time with Tina, she is at lunch for an hour of that thank goodness. They want me on the Jan. 16th for a full day while both of them are at a conference, 8-5, I will probably have lost my mind completely after that. ;-)

When I came in this morning there was a voicemail from an irate client. They arranged to meet a realtor at a house to view. After 20 mins. the realtor hadn't turned up, so he called him and got him out of bed! The realtor said if he waited he would be there in an hour. Needless to say the client did not wait, they said they would never deal with our company again and left some expletives. I let the office and branch manager know to listen to the voicemail. NOT good!

We have two agents who are in their 80s! Alex is very self sufficient, but Mary Ann, ugh. We all groan when we see her coming. She is very technically challenged, her husband used to do it for her but he 'up and died on her', her words. I do some things for her, others I tell her I am not a technie and don't feel comfortable trying to do what she asks which is the truth. She was moaning how MLS doesn't snail mail an invoice, they email it. She just has to print it out, sign it and scan/email it back, but it is such a production! LOL She emailed me the invoice, I printed it out, she put her card details on it and then we faxed it to them. The noise of the fax machine is so old school, cracks me up to hear it. Funny how we view different things.