It started with a late rise of course. I revel in my noon risings 5 days a week after working from 6 or 7am 5 days a week for 4.25 years. I'm reading another good suspense novel.

I took my camera today and finally got some pics of the near completion road works on the main road outside of my senior community.

Those are Tortolito Mountains straight north.

Part of the wash that the new bridge goes over. The bridge has iced up twice so far this winter.

The ride side of new bridge that both ways of traffic for now.

The cones directing traffic are a tad confusing, I have seen a few folks go wrong, I did myself, but caught it before I went too far.

I always enjoy going on this road for the view. It does get closed down when the wash mentioned previously is full. There is a big dip in the road right in front of the car. A second or two later I would not see it until it came out again.

On the right hand side going east towards the Santa Catalina mountains there is a ranch with horses. One of the residents also makes metal sculptures.

They are all quite fascinating.

Some ride!

The boat is the latest addition, I guess the wash rose pretty high. ;-)

I could have this in my yard. Well not my current one, I'm sure they wouldn't allow it here.

I pulled in to the library parking lot. This and the police station and Council offices have the best views in Oro Valley.

A wonderful sculpture in front of the amazing Pusch Ridge view.

The light wasn't great on the mountains but they are still magnificent.

Closer views of the mountains from the parking lot of the Indian restaurant where I went next.

My first plate from the buffet offerings. The bright yellow dish top right was a vegie curry, it was HOT! Top middle is the tomato chicken, too tomatoey for me. There is a samosa on the left, not warm enough, my fav dish in the middle Palak Paneer (cheese cubes with spinach), the tastiest was the cheese cubes in the sauce at the bottom.

I love poppadums! Lentil fried wafery things. I had 2 serves.

Quite an interesting reflective light in the restaurant.

These folks knew the people working in the restaurant, they might be the owners. There are 2 restaurants owned by the same people, I am not fond of the other one.

The best view of the mountains from the restaurant:

The Santa Catalinas sliding in to the foothills, with a fake flowered tree, busy road and back end of firetruck.

My 2nd plate of food, just the sauces, one had lamb meatballs which I don't eat.

Topped it with a small bowl of rice pudding. A whole $7.83 for the buffet, I left a $2 tip.

A classic Mercedes outside.


I wanted to drive around a bit more but my tummy started rumbling and then I got some sharp pains, I had to head home FAST!

When I settled down I opened emailed and found the vows written by the couple for each other for Sunday's wedding, so beautiful! Oh how to have someone to love and adore you like that...