only a half a cup of granola anyway? The box says a serving is 0.5 of a cup, probably trying to keep the calorie count down. I eat probably 4 times that amount, so I will get 3 serves, not 12, out of the small box. Cherry Pomegranate hey? In my quadruple serve I see 3 colored bits, perhaps a cherry or pomegranate bit. Who are they FOOLING? Grumble... LOL It got soggy fast, I like mine crunchy, won't be buying that again.

Woke up shivering at 5am under my down comforter. Thermostat said 67C, I turned it down to that before I went to bed. So if my neighbors have their thermostat on 68F (wife's preferred temp) their heater never turns on, unless it gets well under freezing at night. I'm sure two bodies in a bed make it warmer, especially when one person's body temp is usually warmer than the others. I did see a Sleep Number bed advertized that actually has temp control as well for each side, now that's SMART! Probably costs a fortune. I don't see the point of spending lotsa $ to dial your Sleep Number and it stays there, when you can buy a cheaper mattressed at the firmness you require anyway. Some people are easily duped... ;-)

Jeanie asked to postpone lunch from tomorrow to January 8th, she is too busy pet and people sitting and freaking out about Christmas. I love not franticating, as I call it. In fact it gets quieter for me, which is just fine. I've got plenty of books to ready, psychology exercises to do, all in the name of PEACE. ;-) I think I will take myself to the Indian buffet for $9. I thought about a movie and Mediterranean food, but there aren't any movies I want to see at The Loft.

Got a favor to ask, could you please open Google and do a search for 'Tucson Wedding Officiant' and 'Wedding Officiant Tucson' and see on which page my website shows up? Just click on it too, please. Tis so odd how it shows up on a different page when I open it in the office as opposed to home, just curious to see where it opens for you in different states and countries. Thank you! No more weddings booked, kinda disappointing that the half dozen that Wendy has referred to me never called. She swears she gave them my current number, she said she gave them my cell number, I canceled my old one, I wonder if it was that one she gave out. But I will never know! I am grateful she is referring to me and not her other gal, most kind of her.

Still applying for 16 hour or less jobs in CraigsList. A few around, most want accounting experience, I have it but not on Quickbooks, the preferred software. I have applied and said so, but they will find somebody with it for shit pay who knows Quickbooks, so have at it! ;-) I applied for a data entry job using Excel, I thought I was pretty proficient at it. They asked for some function I've never heard of. Oops! Oh well, something will turn up, not stressing about it.

STILL waiting to hear from the LGBT center about when I start volunteering. When he emailed I thought it would be a week or two, guess they are more disorganized than they thought they were. The Hermitage Cat Shelter has a new director, I am being bombarded with mailings asking for $, I hope they are getting good donations out of it as they are spending a lot on the mailings. Or maybe they get them done for free, I hope so. It's too far to drive there for volunteering, 25 miles each way. I'll ask them to stop sending the mailings. When I am in the position to donate, I will.

I was talking to an agent about her Diesel Jetta car. The mileage she gets out of that car is phenomenal, driving to northern New Mexico (next state over), around there and then home and still had some of her tank of diesel that she left home with. The car cost $33K. Waaaaaaaay more than I would ever spend on a car, it would take a long time to see the savings with the diesel as opposed to buying a less than $20K car and buying gas me thinks. My next car will be a used Kia Soul or Honda Element, but my current 13+ year old Hyundai Elantra serves me VERY well.

I got an email from my friend, Deena, who was in Wales a month ago. She's come back and gone to Florida. That is some trust fund she has! I say jealously. She hasn't worked in at least 8 years. She's a lovely person, now embarking on a spiritual journey like I have been on the last 2.5 years, very happy for her.

Off to battle Walmart today and to deliver and get paid for the bulk mailing. Bourbon chicken and mash sounds good for din dins. More 'Bones' and 'MidSomer Murders' to watch. It's a cold and cloudy day, just fine for staying in.