I am getting better at this.

The museum is really quite good, what I saw of it. I shall take visitors there, only 25 mins. from home.

The wedding started half a hour late, quite chaotic. Half of the guests didn't turn up. The groom said the bride will be upset. It was supposed to be in the courtyard garden but the museum staff thought it was going to rain and made them have it indoors. It did not rain.

Turned out to be 4 female attendees with the bride, all in magenta full length gowns, and 4 males and a 1 female with the groom, as well as his two lil chocolate boys, maybe 2 or 3 years old at most. The bride was extremely nervous. I wasn't mic'd so I spoke loudly, flubbed a few words, but it went pretty well.

It was the photographers first gig on her own, she had an assistant and her son came along two. Nice folks to chat with as well as an 87 year old man that has lived in Tucson 50 years, he was married for 57 years. Plenty of time to chat as I got there 40 mins early and the wedding was 30 minutes late so my feet were killing me and my back pain was starting up.

The bride and groom were most appreciative, I got hugs from both. I had to chase them down to get them to sign the certificate. They invited me to join in their buffet but I declined.

Home via Burger King. The fries were too salty and the burger just ok. So nice to relax now. Ketley is sitting on top of the envelopes ready for sealing tomorrow afternoon. I'm watching some 'Midsomer Murders', the drama is a lil silly, but it is nice gentle whodunnit TV, just perfect. Tis a bit funny seeing the postman delivering mail in the dark, probably winter at 7am. ;-)

Not much happening this next week, just printing up of next Sunday's wedding's vows, a quick trip to the store for rations to get me through a couple of days after Christmas. Oh yeah, lunch with Jeanie on Wednesday, Thai food, looking forward to that!

Have a great week ya hear!