Ketley came up on me smelling like poop this morning. She settled down and went to tidy herself up but it was a bit too much for her, made a face and stopped. She had two dags (sheep get them, bits of poop that accumulate down their butt and back legs, but they don't bother to try and clean them off). I tried to grab her and get them off but to no avail. They will harden and fall off. Unfortunately I do find lil turds all over the house now and again, hard, no bother really, but they don't look good when visitors come. ;-) They stick to her longish fur and off she goes to have fun and they fall off. Silly lil gurl.

I really MUST get over my nerves for these darned weddings, couldn't sleep, maybe got 2-3 hours nodding off now and again. I've got the address for the venue, saw where to park, emailed the bride to remind her to bring the marriage certificate and that it has to be signed by 5 of us BEFORE photography continues. Put my GPS in my new valise, as well as the folder with the vows to read and their copy with frilly bits in the corners with a card attached. Tossed in my wallet and cell phone and the clipboard for a hard surface to sign on, with the pen. The bag still looks flat. All BEFORE I went to bed but I still fretted all night.

I thought of Walgreens and pantihose for a while last night too. There is a Walgreens on the way to work, just needed to do a couple of U-turns as it is on the wrong side of the road. I wanted tights, warmer, don't need to shave your legs if you don't want to. The greeter said 'Welcome to Walgreens!' I thanked him and asked where pantihose were.

Not a huge selection. They had black leggings they call them, $12.99, but not an XXL. I eyed panti-hose, $5.49 a pair! YIKES! I haven't worn them in 20 years, they have gone up in price, really expensive if you stick your nail through them while pulling them on. Though their sale had 2 fer 1, I was grabbing the 2nd pair (pair? It is one piece) when I spied opaque tights in size Q+ (what that hell does THAT mean?). $5.99, thicker than panty hose but not as thick as leggings. That'll do.

Off to office to put the dang things on. The toilets at work don't have lids, so I sat and peed then tried to put them on, one leg started, fine. 2nd, with panties/knickers around my knees that wasn't going to happen. Wiped, got up, pulled 'em up and sat down again and just managed to get my left toes in. Then the war was ON! Nasty things they are. Got them up, not long enough, peeled them down again and starting stretching more hoping my finger nails wouldn't go through. SUCCESS! If you consider feeling like an overstuffed sausage a success.

Then I get to work and we have a brand new agent on floor, Wendy, from Philadelphia. She was a number cruncher but succumbed to the family tradition of real estate. I described my tight adventure then she told me about thigh high stockings. They are MUCH better than they used to be. Stick to, don't strangulate your thighs. I shall look for some of those sometime. I look like an Italian widow today, black jacket, skirt, tights and sandals. Bright spark is my taupe top, I hope it goes ok with the wedding colors.

Got the next floor agent lined up to sit at the desk to cover for me for 1.25 hours then off to the venue I go at 2:45pm. 25 mins. or so to get there, 5-10 mins to walk from the parking lot to the museum. I will call the man of honor to see where I am supposed to be, hopefully he will have the marriage license. I can get set up and wait until she comes down the aisle with her mother... 'Who gives this woman to be married to this man?' I loved it in 'Bones' when Bones piped up when it was asked at her wedding to Seeley 'This is not meant in a sexist manner, I am not a piece of property...' or some such thing. She was going to go on and on and on as she does but Angela shushed her.

I'll pick up a burger and fries on the way home, got a coupon for free Whopper Jnr. with large fries, then I will peel off these clothes and CHILLAX until noon tomorrow...