I got a new cashmere scarf from The Treiber Team (2 ladies) in the office. It's COLD in here and I am wearing it already. They had the heat on during the week but people complained so it is off again. Twas 36F/2C outside when I arrived. Tis only 48F/8C now and people are walking around in t-shirts. Jim next door at home has his furnace on 66F/17C, I have mine on 75F/22.5C. Sometimes I wish I had normal body heat, but then again I probably wouldn't be living in the desert if I did. ;-)

I need some black tights, not sure if I am game to hit Walmart after work today. Spose I can drive by and see how full the parking lot is. Or I will just have to wear grey ones tomorrow to the wedding. Her wedding colors are unusual, khaki, navy blue, brown or tan. I'll wear a brown top under my black jacket with black skirt. She and her fiancee will already be there when I arrive. She has a man of honor instead of a maid of honor. Sounds like a fun wedding. His kids will be up there too, but they are not doing any personalized vows. It will be a very quick wedding.

Having an early lunch in here, smoked gouda, salami, rice crackers, fruit and some mini Snickers for desert.

I saw an email that they are still collecting for us admins, bonus, will be dispersed next Tuesday. YAY!! With that at the final payments for 15th wedding, my car repair might be paid for. I have a new LOUD rattle in my car now. Will pop in to see Jeremie if it is still rattling next week. When I was in there last week I ended up yakking with an old dude for a while. We were talking about mountain views, I said I use mine for weddings, he was fascinated about that. He said his single BIL has an amazing view, I should have got his phone number. Then again he could be older, like 80s. It's a stretch for me to think about dating a guy in his 60s let alone 80s!

I might bring in my slippers tomorrow... my toes are COLD!