Head out on the highway
Lookin' for adventure
And whatever comes our way
Born to Be Wild

With a bit of luck I will get a ride on a motorcycle sometime in the near future.

George, the plumber, was here for an hour or so. He changed the coupler and I've got hot water again! YAY We started yakking, he was talking about how he got hit off his motorcycle a year and a half ago and broke C8 and they wanted to do surgery on him but he refused. He wore a neck brace for a while and his neck is fine. Somebody came through a red light and clocked him, he is getting a $200K payout, a bunch will go to his lawyer of course.

I told him I used to ride and am getting the itch to ride again. He was surprised I ride, guess I look like an average senior citizen. I outright asked if he would mind a passenger sometime. He is open to it. Quite a fascinating fellow, has his own business now, lives downtown amongst the eclectic, from rich to poor. He has long hair in a ponytail and a beard. He's got a monster 1450cc Yamaha V Star. He left saying he will surprise me sometime, I won't hear him coming, his motorcycle is quiet. Would be waaaaaaaaaaay cool to ride again.

A hawk landed on my back wall today, just 10 ft. away from where I was sitting on my chaise.

The wedding party were very impressed with my backyard, asked what creatures I see. I LOVE living here!