came after Charlie called and said he couldn't get the pilot light to light and smelled gas. He called the emergency line. The guy got here fast but he wasn't thrilled that it was not an emergency, I played the dumb tenant. I called Virginia, left a voicemail and Charlie and left a voicemail. Nobody called back. I think V was going to call George who works full time, he'll probably come by this afternoon/evening.

Christine just popped over, all wrapped up, it's 30F/-1C, said she would have a shower now, I will have one at 9am. I warned her I might need their shower on the weekend also. Thank goodness for kind neighbors!

No payment and no script for this mornings wedding so far. It'll be too cold for an outside wedding, gotta tidy my house now. All this kerfuffle for a 2 minute ceremony...

I can relax for a while when they are gone, but be on alert for a plumber and do some of the bulk mailing. Crazy day!


Wedding went great outside in 36F/2C temp, but the sun was beautiful. A beautiful couple. She hasn't slept much in the last week, I hope she can relax some. She gave me a hug which was really nice. They are having a military guard of honor now for their wedding on the 15th.

The plumber is coming about 3pm. Time for chillaxing. We will have to carry a cupboard out of the laundry room for him to have better access to the water heater. I hope I will have hot water for a shower tomorrow. Though Christine & Jim's is very comfy!

Oh the couple that were witnesses, brought a teeny baby with them. They left her on the sofa near the window. Kaiya was in investigating. Apparently she left a scent, as Ketley slinked slowly to the space where she was and crept up to sniff the sofa.

Just got the final edit of the ceremony for Sunday, I can get that printed up today.

Everything is falling in to place very nicely, thank you very much Universe!