are being taken care of.

Virginia's phone was out yesterday so when I called her this morning she had not heard my message. She is a real fix-it gal, I am not, she wanted me to get down on hands and knees and check the temp and the pilot light. Not doing it. She told me to call Charlie. He will come over when I get home from the garage to check it out.

I accidentally deleted Christine's (next door) phone number. I was going to call her to ask if I can use their shower tomorrow morning if need be for the wedding, over the weekend if need be. Hopefully Charlie can sort it out today or tomorrow. I'm running around with bed head today. Oops! Just looks like a cool new style, I hope so anyway.

I call Marki, the bride on Sunday. She is sending me her vows today. She had her bachelorette party last night. She is sounding very happy as she should be. I told her, her wedding day will be fabulous!

Off to the garage in a minute to get the axles changed. Taking a lil picnic lunch. Then off to the realtor to pick up another bulk mailing. She had one last week so this is great! The $ are rolling in! Curious to see what my bonus will be from the weekend job. Any amount will be welcome. ;-)

Oh I gotta contact Amanda's mother about payment for the wedding tomorrow, she owes me $75 and then the $50 for tomorrow's ceremony. I might get the script for that when they arrive in the morning. It will be short 'n sweet.

I just read a fast 'n furious book '15 Seconds' by Andrew Gross. You'd love it Jenny. Hope you can find it! I read it in less than a day.