I popped in the Goodwill Boutique this afternoon, looking for my valise and Bingo!

Ketley approves! Only $19.99, made out of some felt fabric. It is great for occasional use. My clipboard and folders fit in it perfectly, just pop in my wallet and keys and I am off to weddings.

I also found these Rockport shoes for $9.99.

They are a lil big, but I will get some thick socks to go with them and my boots that are too big after losing weight but I don't want to give them up, I normally wear two pairs of socks with them.

Did battle at Walmart and Trader Joes. Funny how I go in for just a few things and it's $80 at Walmart and $50 at Trader Joes. Probably won't last me until Christmas though, damn I shoulda just did an extra big shop.

My hot water is not well. I turned it on full and managed to take a shower without having to add cold water. At least I was able to take a shower. I've left a message for Virginia, saying I will be home tomorrow morning, and Friday afternoon for somebody to come and look at it.

Was supposed to go walking this afternoon but the weather has moved in, 60F/15C and raining. We are having some really chilly weather on the weekend, lows of 28F/-2C and 30F/-1C and tops of 48F/8C.

Still haven't heard from Marki. I shall do up a standard ceremony to edit and I will turn up with it on Sunday if I don't hear from her. She has fully paid for my services.

Lovin' my new phone. I can look up an email with an address in it, or Google a restaurant's address and put it in to the GPS and away I go! Cheaper to use my other GPS, but it's there is my other one dies.