Virgin did NOT stop my automatic payments as they said they would. I did change the expiry date online to December '13 so that they can't take anymore payments out but I am trying to get a refund. When I called their automated phone system it wanted my account phone number which of course does not work because I no longer have an account. I tried 2 other choices to try and get a person to speak to and both of those went to busy signals (so old school). I tried their Sales number because you will ALWAYS get a person wanting to sell you a phone, right?

I got a gal who was all apologetic as they always are, who went away for a while and then came back and told me I have to go in to a store to get it canceled. I give her a piece of my mind and hung up. I am NOT going in to a store!

So I called my credit card company and told them the situation, they saw a recurring payment has been set up by the vendor. I wanted to dispute the charge, he wanted to act as my advocate. He got Peter from Virgin on the line who told us the account is still active. So the many, many hours I spent ensuring the phone was returned, credited, account canceled, monthly service charge credited and recurring payment stopped were kinda useless. It was not all completed correctly. My CC advocate helped keep me calm but he is convinced not to ever get a cell phone through Virgin. He recorded the case and refund numbers Peter gave him so if I get charged again next month they will use them to call and whip their butts once again! He is going to call me in 2 weeks to ensure I got my refund. I told him I might be calling him again when the recurring payment happens again...

That took 45 mins. so I decided to not go to the food store and to try and find a valise to take ceremony documents to weddings, will do that tomorrow. I concentrated on getting the ceremony put together for Amanda & Corey's two weddings. She hasn't confirmed whether she wants me to do the ceremony on Friday, but I did include a shortened ceremony in what I sent to her to be used that day.

Still waiting to hear from Marki, need to finalize her vows for Sunday's wedding.

Supposed to walk tomorrow afternoon but rain is predicted, high temp for Friday's wedding is only 52F/10C. They might want to do it indoors, though the ceremony will only take a couple of minutes, might be ok in the full sun predicted.

Nuthin' else going on...