I called the bride to be of the 15th, Amanda's, mother to confirm the time on Sunday the 15th for the ceremony. She didn't own up that she told me 6pm when she told me of the venue change, but she pointed out the contract said 4:00pm when the wedding is at 4:30pm. I said that was the time at the other venue. 'Oh!' She said. Now that we got that straight...

She said 'There might not be a marriage license.' I was perplexed in silence. I cannot conduct the ceremony without a license if they want it done legally. Turns out that the 15th, lodging paperwork with the Court on the 16th might not be soon enough to get copies of the wedding certificate to the Air Force so the bride can fly out with the groom to Germany early January. They are still doing the full wedding on the 15th but they may need to be married legally on the 6th. She flies home on the 5th from Alabama after her college finals. She must be one stressed bride to be.

I thought after we hung up, that I could do their ceremony on the 6th also and emailed Amanda and her mother to that effect. Saying we can do a shortened version of the ceremony we are working on for $50 in my backyard or I can come to them somewhere for $75. So that is kinda double dipping. ;-)

Still haven't heard from the bride to be for Sunday's wedding. She has trouble getting to a computer. I told her to call me and we can work on her vows over the phone.

I'm getting my axles done Thursday afternoon to make sure I can get to the weddings without my car breaking down, they could probably last longer but I can't have that possibility.

72F today and sunny, beautiful and warm for the 2nd day of December. I just turn the heater on in the early morning to take the chill out of the house. 55F on Thursday though and raining. Sunrise 7:08 Sunset 5:18. What time is sunrise and sunset where you are?

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