here at work to 'pen' a blog.

I did have a very pleasant nearly 6 hours with 4 total strangers for Thanksgiving. Kathy was the hostess, her friend Cindy was teasing her how everything has to be perfect. There are so many different dishes that need to be heated up it is hard to time it all AND we were waiting for another gal, Joyce, was bringing all her own food including fish bites, vegies, potato laktes, to heat up as well. She was like a half hour late. This was a do for 'Child Free Women of Tucson' but Cindy brought her beau. Mike was very personable, we all had great conversation and laughs over tons of food. I did partake in a bubbling red wine (Lambrusco like). The turkey was Honey Baked Turkey, twas quite delicious, tasted like Honey Baked Ham really. There were mashed potatoes and stuffing too.

Kathy, Cindy and Mike were late 40s and Joyce was late 60s at least. She brought her Mennorah and lit the candles for the 2nd day of Channukah. She explained a bit about it which was helpful, I have never met a practicing Jew. There were 3 deserts, pumpkin cheese cake, pumpkin pie (that Kathy made that just did NOT want to come out of the pan) and my lil cheapie Walmart Pumpkin pie. I preferred the latter, nuked mine for 30 secs and added vanilla bean ice cream. Kathy sent me home with the left over pie and ice cream so I have that and another pie and carton of ice cream to consume.

So I brought pumpkin pie and ice cream for lunch today. I thought yesterday was going to be BORING, but it was BUSY! I am just able to breathe now, an hour before I leave for the day. I just don't like to start something new at the end of the day, save what I have for tomorrow. We still don't have heat or circulating air in the office, so it is cold and stinky. Their holiday party is next Wednesday, I don't want to go, I just happen to be walking at that time with the gal who used to work here a few years ago. I heard that I might be getting a bonus. The Branch Manager sent out an email asking for $35 from each realtor to split between the Sales Manager, Tina, Pam and myself. If all 65 realtors donate, that is a serious chunk of change. I should get 2/5ths of a 1/4 as I only work 2 days not 5. Any cash bonus would be welcome! ;-)

One more day of work here then I have to get working on the final vows for the weddings on the 8th and 15th. The one on the 15th I confirmed the time of 6pm in an email to the bride to be and she said it is at 4:30pm! So I had to scramble to get somebody to cover me here from 3:15pm that day. I am very nervous for these 2 larger weddings. Gotta do some tapping to calm myself. I want to do them, they are going to be lovely medium sized weddings.

I'm reading a new psychology book. This one is fascinating, all about the different parts of the brain and what they do. I now understand why I do feel emotionally numb. It is all to do with the amount of attention or lack thereof you get as an infant (leaving you to cry yourself asleep, not good, you don't nurture yourself you actually disassociate) and how emotions are handled in your family. Like we weren't allowed to get angry. A parent should acknowledge the anger, find out what it's about and talk it through, not say you aren't allowed to be angry and punish you for it. All very interesting and very insightful for me.

There are 4 different styles of Attachment: Secure, Ambivalent, Avoidant and Disorganized. Secure is just that, you are confident and secure, ambivalent, not so much, avoidant (me) gave up on trying to get the attention I needed and kinda disassociated/shut down emotionally (if I ever get in a relationship again they are living next door), disorganized are people like Sybil with multiple personalities, fractured with disassociation. New parents need to read some of this book to ensure they are giving their child the right about of nurturing/attention. Of course, if they didn't get it themselves they really don't know how, but hopefully they could break the cycle and make their child's life better than theirs, I think most parents want that.

Have a great Sunday!