I went to a local park to meet Camella from 'Child Free Women in Tucson' for the 0.8 mile walk. She had her 2 dogs with her, Chuck and Mesha. As we were walking along chatting, I iold her I have a weekend job with a realtor. She said 'Oh, you're Summer Summer!' I said 'Huh?' quizzically. Turns out she worked with Pam at the realtor office before she left to go to grad school, then Tina was brought in from another branch. She is still friends with Pam and Pam has told her all about me. She ended up giving me the details of their 'go to guy' for car repairs. I was going to walk next week too, but it was awfully chilly out there, my ears hurt.

The sun had gone down by the time I got there. The whole sports complex is lit up so the path was bright the whole way. There are tennis courts, basketball courts, a field for various games, there was a bunch of folks doing yoga there too. Their leader was doing a hard sell on some supplement he is a distributor for apparently. What a turn off!

I've had a big old belly ache today. I hope it settles down for the big feast down in Rita Ranch, in SE Tucson. I got the bread rolls the hostess asked for, and as I am taking the pumpkin pie and ice cream I bought for myself, I got more! There will be 6 of us, with tons of food of course, should be a delightful few hours.

On some other matters...

Here is what hominy looks like:

I had fun with my melon baller, left me with some art:

Ketley had a nice lil adventure on the kitty condo today. Started out just watching

Then she heard me taking photos.

It wasn't long before she had to attack the blind cord.

and she continued until a few shouts of NO stopped her.

Cheeky sod! Caught you, yes YOU!

Then another bird caught her eye. The tail was wagging.

She got bored and decided to move on.

Down to the next level.


What else can she get up to?

A nap?

Not for long!

More birds to watch.

Tail a wagging!

It was all too much...

Oh and as my sis has been having a hard time lately coming to terms with the fact that she is now a caregiver for her husband, not traveling the world as they had hoped, I invited her to come here to celebrate my 60th birthday with me in June 2015. She said she will be here with bells on. She can spend some time with her daughters in California before or after her time with me too. That has cheered her up, something to look forward to.