called 'Child Free Women of Tucson'. Dues are $4.25 a year, I can handle that.

I signed up for a walk this evening, 10 mins. From my home. Only 2 of us so far, it may be canceled. The walk is only 0.8 miles. There is another one on Dec. 4th I can do if this one is canceled due to lack of interest.

I've also signed up for Thanksgiving at a house in Rita Ranch area tomorrow at 2pm, about 45 mins. Away. I will have to get gas today if they see my acceptance and email me the address. I can take my pumpkin pie and ice cream.

Good ole oil barons have put the price of gas up for the holiday, as they do! Twas $2.99 a gallon last Sunday, yesterday it was $3.0999. Such a nice holiday present... The jerks! Why doesn't anybody ever protest that? I used to love road trips, but at $45 a day for a full day driving, sure makes it harder. People that have big RVs, it must cost them the price of a hotel room a day for gas!